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We deeply understand the value and purpose of facial rejuvenation in our later years. That’s exactly why we use only the best products, such as JUVÉDERM and Restylane, which are both FDA-approved products that will quickly restore youthful volume and help get rid of pesky wrinkles. Book an appointment with our resident specialist Megan Taplin, RN today and begin your journey of beauty and revitalization.

Dermal Filler

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Fix those stubborn lines around your mouth and maximize beauty.

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Dermal Fillers Scottsdale| Dermal Filler Scottsdale

Benefits and Results of Dermal Fillers

As human beings age, facial skin naturally develops lines, wrinkles, and creases. The texture becomes rough, and the facial volume generally decreases. However, different cosmetic procedures and products can restore and maintain youthful facial features. Dermal fillers are common cosmetic products for facial rejuvenation. Read on to explore what you should know about dermal fillers in Scottsdale AZ.

The Meaning of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that you inject into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or revitalize the skin by restoring volume. Dermal fillers are either natural or biosynthetic and mainly comprise sugar molecules, collagen, hyaluronic acids, or biosynthetic polymers. Here are some common FDA-approved fillers that Injections by Megan in Scottsdale Arizona uses:

Hyaluronic Acids

They are smooth, naturally occurring gel-like substances in the skin that help the skin and lips stay hydrated and plump. The fillers can also reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin contours, and minimize depression in the skin due to scars, lines, or injuries. Juvéderm is a common hyaluronic acid filler in the market. Many people love Juvéderm because of its lasting effects, thanks to its ability to absorb and retain water. The body naturally absorbs Juvéderm, whose effectiveness can last between 6 months and 1 year.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Here is another naturally occurring, gel-like substance (thicker than hyaluronic acid) in the human body. Calcium hydroxylapatite helps stimulate collagen production once you inject it into the face. It can also treat deep frown lines and wrinkles and restore volume in the cheeks. Filler effects here can last up to 1 year once after treatment.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid

The synthetic yet biodegradable filler stimulates the production of collagen in the face upon injection. It works by smoothing fine lines and treating deeper facial wrinkles. Poly-l-lactic acid also prompts the skin to build natural collagen, making it a good product if you want plump lips. The filler is ideal for long-term cosmetic treatment as its effects can last up to 2 years.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

It’s also a synthetic but biocompatible substance that you can use to enhance your look. It takes the shape of microspheres that you inject beneath the skin, where they stay permanently as a filler. These microspheres support the skin and generally mitigate the effects of folds, furrows, and deep wrinkles. PMMA can also augment thin lips and fill out deep pitted acne scars. Filler effects are long-lasting, even up to half a decade.

Autologous Fat Injections

These facial fillers are the only kind that requires a surgical procedure. The treatment process involves the removal of fat grafts from a different section of the body through liposuction and afterward injecting the fat into the face. Fat grafts can help restore volume in the face, cheeks, temples, and lower eyelids. The body readily absorbs the fats, and you have the freedom to perform as many treatments as possible to achieve the desired result. The effects of fat grafts can last for many years if you get treatment from a qualified physician.

What is Dermal Filler Treatment?

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers are renowned widely as wrinkle removers, but they can do more than smoothen facial wrinkles. The non surgical treatment for both women and men also;

  • Smoothens lines around the mouth and the nose
  • Boosts the supply of hyaluronic acid in the face
  • Restores and enhances the volume of temples and cheeks
  • Adds volume to thin lips for a plump look
  • Stimulates collagen production, a substance that provides structure and strength to the skin
  • Smoothens out creases on the chin
  • Improves the symmetry of facial features
  • Enhances shallow contours and helps reconstruct contours on a deformed face

The Dermal Filler Treatment Process

The most important thing to do when opting for cosmetic dermal fillers is to choose a certified and licensed professional who uses FDA-approved products, like Injections by Megan. A qualified medical professional will help and guide you in choosing the right treatment, besides offering quality treatment.

The treatment process from Injections by Megan in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona involves the following;

A Pre-Treatment Consultation in our Scottsdale location

The cosmetic treatment process commences when you consult with Nurse Injector and RN Megan Taplin, who will evaluate the dermal filler treatment area and review your medical history. You should disclose your medical history, such as any allergies or neurological and skin conditions you have had in the past. It’s also critical to divulge information on any medications you are currently on, as some medicines may affect the treatment process. For instance, make sure that Megan knows that you’re using Aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or blood-thinning drugs as they may inhibit clotting and increase the likelihood of bruising after the procedure.

The Injection Process for Dermal Fillers

Before the actual cosmetic treatment, Nurse Injector Megan Taplin will map out and mark the areas to inject the dermal filler. Megan will then clean the area and administer a topical or local anesthetic to numb the treatment area before injection. Many fillers tend to contain lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that reduces discomfort during and after the injection. Megan will inject a precise amount of filler below the skin as per the treatment plan. Afterward, you may place ice on the treated area to bring down the bruising and mild swelling, common after filler injections. Bruising generally wears off a day or two after the treatment.

Due to the minimal invasion nature of the treatment, you can easily get back to your normal daily routine after the procedure. However, you should take a day off from any strenuous activity and exercise. Megan also recommends that you don’t take alcohol after a filler injection due to its blood-thinning and dehydrating characteristics. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, as this generally improves filler treatment results.

When Having Fat Injections

Autologous fat grafts require a different surgical approach.  This is not something that Injections by Megan offer to their clients.  The process involves the use of general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The medical practitioner will obtain fat grafts from a different part of the body through liposuction and inject them into the areas on your face that you’re trying to treat. The procedure may have you take a downtime of two weeks, but it’s among the best and safest filler treatment procedures.

The Side Effects of Dermal Fillers

Injectable dermal filler injections are generally safe in the hands of a qualified physician. However, you could experience some side effects like:

  • Acne-like skin eruptions
  • Asymmetry
  • Blockage of blood vessels if your doctor injects the filler into the bloodstream
  • Damage to the skin, which causes a wound and possible scarring
  • Excessive swelling and bleeding at the injection site
  • Nodules and lumps under the skin after treatment
  • Over- or under-correction of the wrinkles
  • Palpability of the injected filler under the surface of the skin
  • Severe infection on the injected area
  • Skin necrosis due to the disruption of blood flow to the treated site
  • Excessive itching, skin redness, and the development of a rash

According to Dr. Kristina Liu, MD, MHS (1), different filler treatments have different injection techniques, and it’s critical to consult a certified and licensed physician as they are conversant with the proper injection techniques. She emphasizes that purchasing filler online is also dangerous as most of the products may contain dangerous and non-sterilized products, which can lead to dangerous effects, like infections or the death of skin cells.

FAQs About Injectable Dermal Fillers

What age do you start to look old?

Aging generally starts when you reach your late 30s. That’s when you develop fine lines on your forehead and around your eyes, along with less elasticity on the skin, due to sun damage. However, your race and general lifestyle could also affect your looks.

What do dermal filler cost?

Most cosmetic dermal filler cost on average between $600 and $1,000 for women and men.

How can I know if I need Botox or fillers?

You’ll know it’s time for a cosmetic skin treatment when wrinkles and creases start developing on your face and neck. That can occur between the ages of 26 when the body and face start to lose collagen and bone and in the late 30s when wrinkles and creases are more pronounced on the face.  Botox and dermal filler injections are treatments that yield great results for many women and men who are looking to rejuvenate their appearance.

Where do I put fillers to make my skin look younger?

The best facial areas you can put cosmetic fillers for a younger look include the eye and eyelids area, smile and frown lines around the mouth, frown and furrow lines near the eyebrows and top of the nose, on the lips, on your chin and neck if there are creases, and along the cheekbone.

Does your face look worse after injectable dermal fillers?

No, wrinkles don’t become worse after using fillers. On the contrary, your skin will look smoother and younger with the right treatment.

What happens when face injectable fillers wear off?

After cosmetic injections, fillers tend to stretch the skin slightly and fill the falling and sagging skin that has been weakened with age. When it wears off, the skin will revert to the way it was before the filler treatment.

What kind of injectable dermal fillers do the Kardashians use?

The Kardashians use different types of fillers, which have completely transformed their looks. That includes Juvéderm for the lips and dermal fillers for cheekbone augmentation to angle the face and give it a distinct look.

What is Juvéderm

Juvéderm is one of the popular types of dermal fillers.  This injectable dermal filler typically lasts for 6 to 12 months.

Which filler is better Restylane or Juvederm?

Both Restylane and Juvéderm are cosmetic dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and reduce signs of aging, leaving the skin looking smoother and younger.  Both Restylane and Juvéderm are made from hyaluronic acid, which rejuvenates skin and reduces wrinkles and lines.  The primary difference with Juvéderm and Restylane is their texture. Restylane is much more granular and better for addressing sunken areas of the face, while Juvéderm is smoother making it useful on facial wrinkles and lines. 

What lasts longer Juvederm or Restylane? 

Juvéderm injections are used for the lips, around the eyes and to smooth out facial wrinkles. Juvéderm results can last between 1 – 2 years. Restylane injections work well to fill in facial folds or lines around the nose, cheeks, and eyes. Restylane fillers typically last 6 – 18 months, depending on the target area. 

Is Restylane a good filler?

Restylane is a good filler choice for larger areas or areas that need more volume and is often a much better choice than surgery.

Is Restylane better than Juvederm? 

Both Restylane and Juvéderm are great dermal filler products and the differences between these products are very minor. Both are used to do lip plumps and to treat fine lines.

Why is Restylane more expensive than Juvederm?

There are some price differences between Restylane and Juvéderm injections, depending on the type of product and area being treated.  Depending on the specials run by the manufacturers, pricing can vary.

Why is REVOLAX filler so cheap?

REVOLAX is cheap because it’s obtained directly from the manufacturer, so no middlemen push the prices up.

At what age should you start using fillers?

The best time to start using cosmetic fillers is the mid-20s. That’s the ideal time since it’s when the first signs of aging start to show. Generally, your body starts losing collagen and bone at around 26 years. That’s when it’s best to start the filler treatments as a preventative measure against aging.

Do you need less filler over time?

Yes. If you start filler treatments early, you’ll need fewer treatments over time.

Does 0.5 lip filler make a difference?

Yes, it does. 0.5 lip filler or half a syringe is enough if you’re looking to achieve a subtle result of lip filler treatment. It’s generally enough to treat one lip and get you the desired outcome.

How much is 2 syringes Juvederm?

A single syringe of Juvéderm costs between $600 and $800. For 2 syringes, the average price is between $1,200 and $1,600.

Can chin filler go wrong?

Yes. Chin filler can easily go wrong if you get treatment from an unqualified practitioner. The procedure can result in nerve damage, which in turn causes numbness and pain. You could also be looking at skin damage and necrosis in severe cases.

How long will chin filler last?

Chin filler can last between 15 and 24 months when you combine it with touch-up treatments.

Can I wear make-up to my filler appointment or will it affect my skin?

Yes. You can wear make-up to your filler appointment. However, the doctor or nurse will have to remove it before the injections as they’ll have to clean and sterilize the injection site.

What Not To Do After Getting fillers?

After getting cosmetic facial fillers, you should not expose the treated area to intense heat, use oil-based make-up, put pressure on the treated area, drink alcohol, or engage in strenuous exercise. Medical practitioners also advise avoiding AHA, Retinoids/vitamin C therapy, facial waxing, Glycolic or AHA peels, IPL, microdermabrasion, and energy-based treatments for 14 days after filler treatment.

Can I sleep on my face after fillers?

While you can, you shouldn’t do it. It would be best if you didn’t sleep on your face after a dermal filler treatment, as this may cause the spread of the injected filler. It’s best to avoid sleeping while facing down or on your cheeks—sleep flat on your back while facing upwards.

How quickly do cosmetic fillers work?

Once you’ve undergone cosmetic filler treatment, you may see a change almost immediately. After 6-8 weeks, that will gradually improve once the filler has fully settled in the treated site.

How many syringes of Juvéderm do I need for marionette lines?

When treating marionette lines, you’ll need 1-2 syringes of Juvéderm for both sides of the face. Each side can take between 0.5-1cc of Juvéderm.

How do you get rid of sagging corners of your mouth?

The best treatment to get rid of the sagging corners of the mouth is by combining a filler treatment with Botox injections. Juvéderm and Restylane fillers can add volume and improve the elasticity of the sagging corners of the mouth, while Botox helps relax the stiff muscles.


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