Filling the Tear Troughs

What is Tear Trough?

The tear troughs are depressions running from the nose to the eyes. This region of the face wrinkles and develops dark circles or hollows over time. As we age, we lose fatty tissue under the lower eyelid and on the upper cheek. The lower lid’s skin and muscles eventually lose suppleness and stability. These changes may cause puffiness or bulging of the tear due to depression away from the face. “Bags” occur when the tissue behind the eye protrudes.

What is Tear Trough Filler?

Tear trough filler, also known as under-eye filler, is a form of dermal filler similar to Restylane and Juvéderm, produced with hyaluronic acid that is used to restore lost volume wherever it is injected. This gives and restores volume to the under eyes, resulting in a fresh, youthful, healthy appearance that offers harmony to the face.
Even though tear trough fillers are relatively new, given that fillers like Juvéderm didn’t hit the market until 2006, hyaluronic acid fillers are among the most prevalent scantly cosmetic treatments, according to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, with over 2.6 million patients participating in 2020 alone.

While it’s unclear how many of those patients chose under-eye filler, it’s evident that volume-replenishing cosmetic procedures are in high demand. Statistics reports a surge in interest in this technique during the last year. The growing relevance of the eye area has boosted the demand for minimally invasive therapies to improve attractiveness.

Tear Trough Filler Benefits

Tear trough filler can rejuvenate the under eye area and enhance self- confidence in patients who have dark circles, under eye bags, and hollows under their eyes.
Additionally, it provides the following:
Wrinkles around the eyes can be reduced in visibility.
Improved youthful appearance.
It is a simple and quick process.
It reduces the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes.
It doesn’t need any downtime.

Are tear trough fillers safe?

According to the research, TT therapy is a safe procedure with minimal discomfort, no serious side effects, and high patient satisfaction when conducted with a cannula containing no more than 1 mL of solution in one session between both eyes.

Who’s a good candidate for tear trough filler?

Patients of all ages with developed depressions beneath their eyes make them seem sagging and cast unpleasant shadows known as “dark circles,” giving the impression of fatigue and old age. Filler may be a safe and effective alternative to surgery for enhancing the under-eyes. To find out whether this surgery is good for you, you’ll need to have a full in-person consultation.

Each injection session lasts less than an hour and takes place in our physician’s office. Dermal fillers in the tear troughs should only be administered by highly skilled, thoroughly educated medical specialists. The procedure entails injecting dermal filler into the under-eye area. Typically, only 1ml of dermal filler is required, with 1/2ml or less injected beneath each eye.

Because the injectable filler contains an anesthetic, the therapy is exceptionally well-tolerated. When the needle enters the client’s skin, they normally feel a minor pinch. To fill in the volume shortfall equally, a single blunt cannula or many tiny injections may be administered in the under-eye region. You are allowed to leave our facility immediately following the injections.

Following a tear through treatment, no downtime is required. Patients can quickly resume work and other normal activities. The effects are immediate and often persist for six to eighteen months.

In order to see the most gradual change in their looks, some patients choose to have a second treatment six to nine months after the first one is completed.

After several months, the physician could suggest a third treatment to help achieve the desired results.

What to Avoid Before Tear Trough Treatment?

Avoid consuming ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, or fish oil for a week before therapy. To prevent irritation in the area, stop using any facial treatments containing retinol or glycolic acid.

Aftercare and Results

Under-eye filler has the same straightforward aftercare as other injectable. For the first 24 hours, avoid any physical activity, alcohol, and skincare products in the treated region. Use ice packs and non-sedating oral antihistamines to reduce any swelling that may result.

How long does under-eye filler last?

Even though the results are typically long-lasting, the procedure is not a permanent solution since the filler gradually breaks down. Patients are urged to return for more fillers to keep their youthful glow. This varies greatly between people. It’s normally every 1-2 years, but some people retain fillers for years. Return to the clinic for a check-up and progress assessment.
The greatest outcomes come from a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol use.
Side Effects
Because hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, it is very well tolerated. Only a little bruising and edema at the site of injection may be noted. These usually go away in a few days. It is important to locate an experienced cosmetic specialist who is certified to do the operation. Other uncommon side effects include infection, asymmetry, and granulomas associated with inexperienced specialists.

Procedure Cost

The cost of tear trough filler varies according to the source, area, and quantity needed. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the average cost of hyaluronic acid is $682 per syringe. Insurance may fund medically required tear through therapy. Since insurance never covers aesthetic procedures. Most patients benefit from two full syringes, one under each eye, but others see improvements with just one.

Tear Trough Filler Vs. Plastic Surgery

Both tear trough fillers and plastic surgery are highly recommended anti-aging therapies. Both have tremendous anti-aging effects, but their usage is dependent on your aesthetic goals. Here’s a quick look at both treatments’ benefits. While Tear trough fillers are injections that renew and restore the face’s youthful look. Plastic surgery is the surgical modification of the body to achieve an aesthetic goal. A facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic rejuvenation procedures. Face-tightening surgery removes excess skin and repositions deeper tissues. Unlike tear trough fillers, a facelift may tighten loose neck skin. Depending on the patient’s goals, a brow lift and eyelid surgery may be performed along with a facelift.

Patients with drooping skin that tear trough fillers can’t correct may consider plastic surgery. For the following reasons, a surgical technique should be used:
A lower facelift to remove jowls.
Getting rid of the extra skin and fat in the neck.
Fixing deep creases between the nose and lips.
Wrinkles across the forehead and creases between the eyes may be reduced by this procedure.
Excess upper and lower eyelid skin is removed to improve the appearance of hooded eyes.

Why to Choose Injections by Megan

Getting tear trough filler treatments from someone who doesn’t fully understand how to give them is dangerous. Megan Taplin, RN, combines cutting-edge aesthetic technology and her skills to offer you your beautiful face. She wants the most natural look, not the best fit. Megan strives to provide a wide range of therapies that will increase your self-esteem and make you feel beautiful. Aesthetic operations, says Megan Taplin RN, aren’t fast fixes. While everyone has natural beauty, she believes most individuals have anxieties that hold them back. Megan’s goal is to enhance your natural beauty and confidence.
With this in mind, she attempts to create an unforgettable journey from start to finish. She can help her patients get the appearance they’ve always desired while offering excellent service. In addition to her qualifications,
Megan offers the best in filling the tear troughs in Scottsdale over decades of experience performing facial filler related injections. In addition to her credentials, she boasts decades of expertise in administering face filler-related injections in Scottsdale, making her the finest in the profession for filling the tear troughs in Scottsdale.
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The Final Takeaway
Beneath-eye filler is an unrivaled cosmetic choice if you have sunken regions under your eyes and are searching for solutions to treat the loss of volume and accompanying darkening. Tear trough filler is a technique that should only be performed by an expert board-certified dermatologist in order to minimize complications and maintain a natural appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fill tear troughs?

While cosmetic surgery may be pricey, non-surgical solutions are generally less so. Trough fillers are no exception. A single tear trough filler operation might cost between $800 and $1,500 when done by a qualified professional.

Does it hurt to get tear trough filler?

Not at all. Most say the treatment is surprisingly soothing. The procedure uses a very small needle, and your aesthetician will apply a topical anesthetic lotion to numb the area beforehand.

How much filler is needed for tear troughs?

Typically, only 1ml of dermal filler is required, with 1/2ml or less injected beneath each eye.

Can you go blind from tear trough filler?

The short answer is yes, but in very competent hands, especially when using a cannula, the risk is relatively low, and it’s a very safe and effective method.

What filler is best for tear troughs?

Because it is a less active, movement-oriented region compared to the lips or smile lines, all fillers remain longer beneath the eyes. The most popular fillers for this region are Restylane® and Belotero®, which have a reduced viscosity and cause minimal swelling of the sensitive under-eye skin.

Is it worth getting tear trough filler?

Yes, this non-surgical approach will rejuvenate your sunken eyes and give you a younger, healthier appearance. You may not be a candidate for this procedure if you have thin skin or underlying medical conditions. A qualified medical professional can determine the therapy’s suitability for you.

Do fillers ruin your face?

Yes, when used for a lengthy period, it may actually stretch out the tissues under the skin, thereby speeding up the aging process since those tissues will no longer bounce back in the same manner as you age.

Are Under-eye fillers worth it?

Yes, filler can rejuvenate the under eye area and enhance self-confidence in patients who have dark circles, under eye bags, and hollows under their eyes. Furthermore, reducing the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes improved their youthful appearance.

Do fillers make you age faster?

Fillers are a great option for a more youthful appearance. Fillers, on the other hand, may cause long-term harm if misused. Patients who misuse fillers may accelerate the aging process of their skin, giving them an older look.

Can under-eye filler go wrong?

Unskilled practitioners that lack fundamental patient anatomy knowledge, use improper fillers, or choose the wrong patients for this procedure are more likely to fail. The tear trough is difficult to restore because the tissues are thinner than other regions of the face. Surgeon who understands the delicate anatomy of the eye and can successfully manage post-operative disorders.

What are the side effects of under-eye fillers?

As a natural substance, hyaluronic acid is well tolerated. The only side effects are bruising and edema at the injection site. Most of the time they go away on their own. Infection, asymmetry, and granulomas are uncommon but may occur when an inexperienced or unqualified person does the surgery.

Can you get permanent under-eye filler?

No, the therapy is not a permanent cure since the filler will progressively break down over time, widely varying from person to person. This will usually be every 1-2 years, while some patients may keep fillers for a long time.

How much does under-eye filler cost?

The average cost of hyaluronic acid is $682 per syringe, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What is the longest-lasting under-eye filler?

According to the specialists, the greatest filler for the eye region isn’t always the one that lasts the longest, but it does look the best. Restylane, Belotero, or Juvederm are the most often suggested fillers under the eyes since they are the softest of the fillers available.

Who is not suitable for tear trough filler?

A candidate who is unsuitable for this operation may exhibit the following:

• Having an excessively thin skin.

• Having extra skin behind the eyes or unusually deep tear troughs

• Suffering from an eye or skin illness.

• Having a fat accumulation beneath your eyes.

• Have any medical issues that might lead to complications.

What causes tear troughs?

Tear troughs may develop naturally as you get older or as a consequence of lifestyle decisions or changes. Age, dehydration, and weight gain or loss are all common causes of tear troughs.

Are tear troughs genetic?

Hollow eyes and tear troughs may be inherited. The absence of fat behind the eye, in the tear trough, and pigmented or darker skin causes the eyes to seem hollow and tired.

What can I use instead of fillers?

Aside from fillers, additional treatments like as PRP and radiofrequency may help tighten the tissues in the tear trough. But fillers are the golden grail.

What happens after tear trough filler?

Sometimes, some edema and redness may be visible. Cool compresses may help minimize swelling. The first night, patients should sleep with their heads up and avoid touching their eyes. Avoid strenuous physical exercise.

Do under-eye fillers make you look younger?

Yes, they help “plump up” and rebuild features to give a younger look. They are used to create natural-looking curves and fill in pockets. This adds to the youthful, cushioned look of collagen-rich skin.










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