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Nothing gives us a sense of self-confidence in life more than being presentable. Apart from the beautiful outfit that we can purchase from the store and look elegant, the condition of our skins carries equal weight as far as being presentable is concerned. However, our skins will begin to lose their luster thanks to diminishing subcutaneous fats under the skin over time. Old age and, at times, extreme weather conditions cause such conditions. Fat deficiency beneath the skin would cause facial muscles to move way closer to the surface, giving one’s face a wrinkled tinge. Such conditions stretch the facial skin and give one an old look, a condition that won’t go down well with many. Fortunately, we live in times when technology can remedy many things, and facial deterioration is no exception.

Hope in Scottsdale, AZ

However, all hope is not lost because there is hope for facial rejuvenation in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you have been troubled over the loss of gloss on your face for a long time, then Injections by Megan in Scottsdale should be your next port of call. Located in Scottsdale it is a clinic for one of the most referred Botox and dermal filler aesthetic specialists in the United States. Megan Taplin is an experienced and dedicated Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector whose expertise in giving your face a smoother touch is beyond compare. The fuse between her expertise in the field and the advanced technology she employs in her work is a top-notch service. She offers professional advice on post-treatment measures and what to do after Dermal Fillers post-treatment in Scottsdale, AZ.

Why Injections by Megan?

The reviews by former clients of Megan Taplin’s are amazingly positive. Soft-spoken and approachable, you have the chance to air your desires and seek advice from the best Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector around town. Megan Taplin is a believer in beauty. She believes that everybody is beautiful in their unique way and would not love factors like aging skin to annihilate anybody’s confidence in life. Robert S Bader said ”Perhaps nothing is more gratifying for cosmetic patients than having an immediate correction of rhytides or scars resulting from the injection of a dermal filler”. Technology is advancing, and one would not love to go in for dermal filling only to come out with a bruised face. Injections by Megan have embraced technology that minimizes the chance of developing facial bruises. It will not leave you wondering what to do after Dermal Fillers post-treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona. A human face is an anatomical mass of intricate veins and tendons. It explains why bruising after injectable treatment is rampant. However, the good news is that in Injections by Megan, Taplin uses advanced vein viewing technology that shows the map work of the face. The utilization of technology minimizes instances of vein puncture and eliminates facial bruising as an aftermath.




How Dermal Fillers and Botox work

We all want to look fresh and sparkling despite the conditions that life might bring our way. Dealing with the aftermath of facial deterioration calls for Botox and dermal fillers. Dermal fillers help eliminate facial wrinkles and lines and restore the lost bloom of the face after the loss of subcutaneous fats. Therefore, dermal fillers use non-surgical cosmetics to help repair a damaged look and give one the beauty of a youthful face once again. The process uses dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvaderm to help fill the space between the facial bones and the skin. These fillers are a safe alternative to expensive and complicated facial surgeries and facelifts.

Injections by Megan offers the following dermal filling services on the following areas of the face:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Marionette lines
  • Eyes and brows
  • Jawline
  • Mouth

The dermal fillers’ injection process

The Dermal fillers process involves injecting and massaging the face areas that require remedy. The whole procedure only takes around 15 minutes. The following are the procedural steps taken during the process:

Assessment and mapping

It involves evaluating the facial appearance and identifying areas for injection administration with the help of technology. The specialist takes photographs and marks appropriate sites for injection.

Cleansing and anesthetizing

Like a standard injection procedure, the nurse cleanses the sites for injection with an antibacterial agent. Though the injections often pose minimal and tolerable pain, the process involves amelioration with a cold instrument to numb the skin area to be injected or by anesthetic ointment.


A facial injection is fast and depends on the number of sites. It involves the actual infusion of fillers on specific areas and massage.

Clean up

After the injection, the specialist evaluates the results. When they are deemed satisfactory, the dermatologist cleans any markings on the skin. The use of an ice pack is a good remedy for any swellings that will pop.

Benefits of dermal fillers in Scottsdale, AZ

Dermal fillers will help restore a youthful look on your face. The aftermath of the harsh life and extreme weather conditions might predispose signs of early aging when dermal fillers come to our rescue. They leave our faces looking fresh and youthful, giving us the confidence of our yesteryear one more time.

A dermal filler also produces the same results as extensive surgery and implants but at a lower price. One walks out of the clinic doors with a younger-looking face without necessarily worrying about severe cost implications.

Dermal fillers don’t require a lot of time. Unlike surgeries, dermal fillers are a non-complicated outpatient procedure. It means that one can causally walk into the clinic, have their face done, and still have time to resume their regular activities. The process is quick and effective and thus will not take the precious time you might require attending to other issues in life.

Truth beyond dermal fillers stereotypes on what to do after Dermal Fillers post-treatment in Scottsdale AZ

There are many stereotypes and myths surrounding the notion of dermal fillers. People who have no interest in it would often taint it, and allegations they make are purely wrong and based on malicious gossip. The following are relevant answers to the frequently asked question concerning dermal fillers:

What should one do after they get fillers?

There is nothing specific that one must do immediately after having dermal fillers safe for everyday living. The injected areas might tend to develop irritation and bruising because of the puncture on the skin. Ice packs and acetaminophen are the best remedies for such situations.

What shouldn’t one do after getting fillers?

It is advisable to avoid getting a facial massage or putting on eyewear that might exert pressure on the injection site. One should give a treated face a fortnight before engaging in exercise that might tamper with the fast healing of the treated face. It is also advisable to avoid itching and scratching on the injection site because it can elevate pain and cause even more bruising.

How long does it take for dermal fillers to settle?

Dermal filler’s integration with the facial tissues doesn’t take even a month before one sees the treatment results. Injectable treatment takes two weeks to fuse with the facial tissues and settle on the face. By the third week, one would be back to normal with an even smoother complexion.

How does one take care of dermal fillers?

Taking good care of dermal fillers means that they’ll last longer. Heat is one factor that is known to tamper with the normal functioning of fillers. It is, therefore, advisable to avoid any heat-inducing activities excessively, which include: hot showers, exposure to ultraviolet rays, spas, saunas, and extreme exercises. It is beneficial to practice good skincare and always remain hydrated.

Dos and don’ts after fillers

The following are things that one should do after fillers:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Take rest from strenuous activities

The following are the things that one shouldn’t do after fillers:

  1. Avoid excess heat
  2. Avoid extreme exercises
  3. Avoid skin tanning.
  4. Avoid harsh massaging.

Does drinking water help fillers?

Staying hydrated is crucial in healthy living and beneficial with dermal fillers. The fusion between the dermal fillers and the facial tissues wholly depends on the water stored in the tissues. Therefore, the more the water intake, the more water the tissues store and the more efficiently the dermal fillers work.

Is it right to wash the face after dermal fillers?

Cleanliness is a factor that boosts the beauty of the face, and there are no restrictions on washing the face after getting the injection of a dermal filler. Cleaning your face reduces the chances of developing infections. Still, the process should be gentle, and the massage should use unscented skincare products.

What to do after fillers on the face

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of facial fillers, one should avoid exposing the face to extreme heat. While sleeping, it is advisable to sleep in a face-up position to prevent filler migration.

What is filler fatigue?

Filler fatigue is a term coined to describe a situation where long-term use of fillers makes a face eventually become unresponsive to dermal fillers. Excessive use of fillers causes the skin to eventually sag to an extent where dermal filling doesn’t produce the same results as it did before.

Can one go for a walk after fillers?

An ordinary walk doesn’t affect dermal fillers. Still, when the walking turns extreme, it becomes strenuous and affects the normal working of the dermal fillers. Immediately after dermal fillers’ injection, it is advisable to relax for at least one to two days before resuming regular strenuous exercises.

Should one massage lumps after fillers?

It is advisable to massage lumps after dermal fillers gently. However, if the message becomes too aggressive, it tampers and destroys some HA dermal fillers.

Do fillers look better over time?

Immediately after injections, the skin would often exhibit an awkwardly bulging look. These features will linger for a couple of days. As the fillers integrate well with the tissues, the dermal fillers will begin to improve.

What to expect after dermal fillers?

There are expected effects that one should expect after filler injections. The most common side effects include swelling and bruising on the injected areas. The skin will develop an abnormal redness that will last for around one week.

Should one ice after fillers?

Icing after getting fillers is advisable if one develops lumps on the skin. Ice helps to decrease inflammation and to numb pain in the punctured area.

How to sleep after dermal fillers

It is advisable to sleep face up after dermal fillers. One can use a pillow to prop their face even better.

Is it advisable to take coffee after fillers?

The caffeine in coffee is known to have a dehydrating tendency which slows down the healing process of the injected area. It is advisable to avoid coffee for the first 24 hours after getting the fillers.

Can one sleep on the face after filler?

Sleeping on the face is not advisable because it displaces the fillers. Face up position is the best way to sleep.

Does massaging filler break it down?

Massaging fillers does help break down fillers a bit. The procedure, however, takes a long time to clear the lumps.

Smiling after fillers

Smiling after fillers will eventually become even more beautiful. With fillers on the lips specifically, one will be able to smile far more effectively. Still, fillers alter the dimension of one’s smile entirely.

How to know if the filler has migrated

Filler movement is physically noticeable. If dermal fillers migrate, it causes uneven plumps on the treated areas, and one cannot fail to notice.

What happens if I massage my lips after filler?

Rigorously massaging a newly injected lip risks causing dermal migration. It might eventually lead to undesirable results, and thus it is advisable to avoid rubbing for 12 to 24 hours.

Should I massage the Juvederm lump?

Lumps that pop after Juvederm are gentle massage on the injected area. However, if the symptoms don’t seem to dissipate after two weeks, one should consult a specialist.


Injections by Megan is one of the best places to visit if you require Botox or dermal filler services from Arizona’s best aesthetic nurse injector. Megan offers professional advice on questions on what to do after Dermal Fillers post-treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona, and further information about their services is just a click away on: www.injectionsbymegan.com.

D.W. Buck, M. Alam, J.Y.S, in the article ‘‘Injectable Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation,” said, ”Health care practices are moving toward a more preventative focus”. It, therefore, means that when looking for dermal filler services and Botox, it is crucial to engage a professional who has experience in their field and not quacks. With Megan, you are in for the best service. While walking around the streets the next day, be ready for occasional admiration from folks and family because the glimmer on your face will be exemplary.


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