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Smile Lift Botox Scottsdale | Scottsdale Botox

A smile lift can set a lot of things right and straight and lifts your confidence. It also helps you create that great first impression in many situations. However, age is one factor that alters the smile unfavorably, making you apprehensive about it. But Megan, a certified aesthetic nurse injector, presents a non-surgical smile lift treatment to help you regain confidence with smile lift Botox. Megan believes that despite the insecurities that hold people back in life, everyone is naturally beautiful and unique, and with a Botox lift treatment, you can enhance it.

Smile Lift BOTOX Scottsdale AZ

Generally, Botox is a non-surgical FDA-approved treatment option used to smooth out wrinkles, lines and creases by providing a lift to the corners of the mouth. According to MedlinePlus, Botox injections weaken or paralyze specific muscles or block certain nerves. The effects last about 3-12 months, depending on what facial and skin types are treated. Botox relaxes the muscles temporarily and reduces smile lines. With Megan’s experience as a medical aesthetic nurse injector, you can now enhance your beauty and confidence with smile lift Botox Scottsdale AZ.


How a Smile Lift Botox Works in Scottsdale AZ

This non surgical smile lift aesthetic treatment prevents the mouth’s corners from turning down and lasts about three to six months. It also helps hide gums when injected into the upper lip muscles. If you are looking for a smile lift Botox Scottsdale, Megan’s cosmetic facial and skin expertise will leave you feeling confident and your best. Moreover, it’s essential to understand that this lip flip treatment is a temporary solution to removing the small lines that appear as skin wrinkles.

Benefits of Botox

Botox is a low-cost and effective way to improve your lips with a lift and gummy smile. However, if done incorrectly, it can have disruptive effects. This is why to get the maximum lip flip Botox benefits, a smile lift Botox Scottsdale AZ treatment needs the professionalism and expertise of Megan and her Med Spa serving patients in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.

Here are the expected benefits of Botox.

Botox mouth corner lift stops vertical lip lines, usually on the upper lip

This typically happens with a Botox mouth corner lift. The Botox mouth corner lift gives you a wrinkle-reducing effect on the upper lip, smoothing out vertical lip and skin lines.

A Corner lift Botox hides your gums when you smile

A corner lift Botox is an excellent solution, mainly if your gums show whenever you smile. The specialized lip flip injection relaxes your elevator muscles showing your gum less when you smile.

There is little downtime as this is non surgical and no plastic surgery is involved

Compared to other cosmetic skin and facial procedures that may also involve plastic surgery, you can almost return to your everyday life or activities immediately after a Botox lip lift facial. Moreover, with Megan’s experience, you will receive complete guidance on the smile lift procedure and aftercare.

A smile lift Botox is temporary

You may sometimes worry about an unfavorable outcome with traditional lip fillers, especially if not performed by a professional like Injections by Megan. However, with Botox, if, for instance, you are experimenting with lip lift or smile improvement or don’t like the outcome, you can always return to your earlier state since it is temporary and mostly wears off on your skin after three to six months.

It gives you a lift for a youthful mouth

Studies have shown that most people find full average-size lips more attractive than thin-sized lips. A lip flip involves injected your lips to provide your smile a lift and your lips appear fuller and enhance the skin shape and length, giving you a youthful look.

It lifts your self-esteem and confidence

Many people are uncomfortable with their lips’ shape or size, which may lower their confidence and self-esteem. If you are one of them, altering your lips through Botox can improve how you feel about your smile and confidence.

Smile Lift Botox Process

Any aesthetic facial procedure, like smile lines Botox must be in the hands of a certified and experienced provider like Injections by Megan in this case. FDA states that “those who practice medicine without a license are not only breaking the law, they are a threat to people’s lives.”  This lift process that improves your smile and self-confidence is generally considered quick and safe with minimal downtime. A Botox lift process begins by discussing your expectations and medical history to determine if it’s clinically suitable for you based on your desired results, skin and facial types.

The aesthetic lip lift facial expert injects the required units of Botox into the corner of your lips, mainly targeting the Depressor Anguli Oris muscle for a lift. This muscle is responsible for pulling the corners of your mouth downward. Botox, in this case, paralyzes the muscle lifting your mouth’s corners.

Before the smile lift procedure, the Nurse Injector will give precise guidelines on what to do and sometimes avoid for up to two weeks. These may include,

  • Supplements affecting blood clotting
  • Alcohol
  • Specific antioxidant foods
  • Blood-thinning medication
  • Don’t rub skin or lips where injected

However, these are at your Nurse Injector’s discretion. The facial medical skin expert will also guide you on the skin aftercare procedure.

So, Why Should You Choose Injections By Megan?

For any medical aesthetic skin procedure, nothing feels good and assuring than knowing you are in the hands of an expert like Megan Taplin. This expert who strives and stops at nothing to give you a variety of quality services should be your first consideration for a smile lift Botox Scottsdale AZ treatment.

Megan is a talented, certified, experienced, and expert aesthetic nurse injector and a sole practitioner providing excellent beauty and skin rejuvenation and facial aesthetic procedures. While she believes everyone is naturally beautiful, she sets high standards regarding smile lift Botox and filler skin procedures.

Before any process begins, Megan conducts an extensive and detailed consultation with her clients, explaining the available options, suggestions, and outcomes, ensuring you are entirely comfortable with the cosmetic Botox or Filler treatment process.

Unique Services at Injections by Megan

Megan specializes in various certified aesthetic services. She is not your regular nurse injector but is backed by years of professional experience, making her stand out in her services as a sole practitioner. These services combine advanced aesthetic skin technology to give you your desired results. One of Megan’s enhanced technological approaches is using AccuVein Technology to minimize bruising on your skin while maximizing safety.

In addition, her beauty transformation procedures are cost-effective. With over 24 years of experience, Megan is a knowledgeable and well-qualified sole practitioner providing aesthetic services that include,

  • Lip Fillers
  • Lip flip treatment
  • Non-surgical smile lift
  • Mouth corner lift
  • Traditional lip fillers
  • Botox
  • Sculptra
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Radiesse Injections
  • Skin pen Microneedling

As you work with qualified Nurse Injector like Injections by Megan, here is more information to help you understand smile lift BOTOX Scottsdale, AZ.

Lip Flip

The lip flip Botox cosmetic treatment gives you fuller lips through a quick process. It generally involves injecting about four to six units of Botox into the upper lip and corners of the mouth, giving your lips a pouty look. The aesthetic skin expert targets the orbicularis muscles of the upper lip and relaxes it, leaving you with a more youthful look. However, it does not give you fuller lips like lip fillers.

Lip Flip Before and After

Typically before a lip flip, the upper lip disappears when you smile, and when relaxed, it appears disproportionate. Such an appearance makes many uncomfortable, desiring to look plumper and cover your gums when you smile. But, after a lip flip, the first thing you usually notice when you smile is that your gum is not seen. Your lips also look much full and aesthetically fulfilling, and they now appear proportionate when relaxed.

Lips Botox vs Lips Xeomin

Lips Botox is an excellent non-surgical aesthetic procedure minimizing inevitable wrinkles and lines around your mouth. These wrinkles and lines are typically seen when you smile, laugh, kiss, frown, or age. Lips Botox also elevates your mouth’s corners preventing your gums from being seen when you smile. However, sometimes when incorrectly done by an unqualified person who isn’t experienced in facial Botox and other cosmetic non plastic surgery skin techniques, it is uncomfortable and dangerous.

Botox Lip Flip Gone Wrong

Sometimes a Botox lip flip can go wrong if done incorrectly or if you don’t follow the aftercare guidelines well. It can adversely impact your lip functions and, in some cases, alter how you speak. With poorly placed injections, this procedure goes wrong and may cause facial drooping, asymmetrical smile, overfilled or duck lips. But since it is temporary, you can wait for it to wear off in about three to six months.

Botox around Mouth

This non-surgical cosmetic procedure can be used around the mouth to smooth out wrinkles and reduce smile lines. It is one of the simplest ways to treat drooping mouth corners. In addition, Botox around the mouth is one of the most affordable anti-aging injections. Generally, the average cost of a unit is $10 to $20.

Downturned Lips

With age, collagen and elastin reduce, which causes the fullness and volume of your lips to disappear. The muscles around your mouth sag, giving you a dropping, downturned appearance. It is also referred to as oral commissure. In most cases, it gives you an unwanted facial expression. However, to treat downturned lips, you need a muscle relaxing injection or a smile lift Botox procedure by an expert like Injections by Botox.

How Long Do Lip Flip Last

A lip flip can last several months, depending on the individual results. When the procedure is correctly done by an experienced professional like Megan, it can last anywhere from three to six months. Still, to continue seeing the desired results, you should keep getting additional injections every few months or when you realize the effect has worn out. Also, according to Harvard Medical School, “the effects of botulinum toxins usually last for up to a couple of months, so repeated injections are needed to maintain therapeutic effectiveness.”

Botox on Upper Lip

A certified aesthetic expert such as Megan injects botulinum toxin or Botox into your lips to give you the desired outcome and enhance your smile and provide a youthful glow to your skin. Botox on the upper lip usually gives you a more prominent appearance and hides your gums when you smile. About two to four units of Botox are required for the upper lip. While the process makes your upper lip appear fuller, the size does not increase.

How Many Units of Botox for Lip Flip

While a smile lift Botox or lip flip is a simple procedure, the units required for a successful outcome may vary. However, ensure the procedure is done by a qualified provider, such as Injections by Megan. On average, a lip flip will require about four to six units of Botox. The Botox units may be more or less depending on an individual’s anatomy, skin type and facial features.

What is Lip Flipping

Lip flipping is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to make your lips appear fuller, giving a youthful look by injecting Botox into the corners of your mouth. The target is to relax the orbicularis oris muscles making your lips appear more defined and without wrinkles or smile lines.

Botox for Lipstick Lines

If you are worried about disappearing lipstick lines, a Botox lift process will help you restore them quickly and affordably. The aesthetic skin provider will place the precise units of Botox mostly in your lips where the lines are prevalent and near the border lines making them more pronounced. It’s also vital to understand advanced dermal fillers usually improve that lipstick lines.

Botox Smile Lift

A Botox smile lift is an FDA-approved non-surgical aesthetic process that involves injections into the lip’s corners. It keeps your lips from drooping or turning down, giving them a fuller look and enhancing your smile and confidence and a youthful glow to your skin.

Frowny Smile

A frowny smile appears like a combination of a smile and a frown. You are likely to get frown lines around your mouth when you constantly make frowning, drooping, or smiling facial expressions. The tension caused on your face can lead to such lines forming, especially around your mouth. But with an expert injector like Megan, you can reduce and restore that youthful look around your mouth with a smile lift Botox treatment.

Upper Lip Filler

Upper lip filler involves injections that make it appear fuller. A typical upper lip filler is a hyaluronic acid (HA) such as Restylane or Juvederm. Depending on the filler, it can last between 3 to 18 months. Today, this aesthetic procedure is also the most common in the United States.

Lip Filler Scottsdale AZ

Lip fillers are an investment in your beauty and come with a price tag. But it’s affordable compared to most surgical processes. Lip fillers are the solution if you notice wrinkles forming around your mouth due to age or smoking. In Scottsdale, AZ, there is one place to go for a lip filler: Injections by Megan.

Botox and Filler Quotes

There are myriad ways to improve your facial aesthetics, and Botox and fillers work wonders. While there are common Botox and Filler quotes, there is one you can trust to do an excellent job: Injections by Megan. With Megan, it’s simple. Your beauty is our mission, so come and see for yourself.

Upward Smile

A unique warm smile curves your lips upwards. When age, smoking, or other unfavorable effects causes downturned lips, a smile lift Botox injection will help. It prevents the mouth from turning down, giving sustaining an upward smile. You can quickly get a smile lift Botox in Scottsdale at Injections by Megan.

BOTOX Scottsdale

Botox Scottsdale procedure is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment that will help diminish wrinkles and lines in your facial muscles, mainly around the mouth. In Scottsdale, AZ, Injections by Megan will offer services beyond your expectations.

Scottsdale BOTOX

Botox is becoming a popular non-surgical process in most cosmetic clinics in Scottsdale. It is also shown by the National Laser Institute, which states, “because Arizona offers an ideal climate that is great for outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking, people spend much time trying to look good.”

The Scottsdale area, in particular, has seen big-time growth in the aesthetic business. But for excellent injectables, Megan exceeds your expectations giving you the best fillers and Botox smile lift.

Botox in Scottsdale

The average price of a Botox unit in Scottsdale is between $10 and $20. Injections by Megan make it easy in Scottsdale by consistently delivering excellent results based on your unique treatment.

Megan Taplin is not just your ordinary medical injector but a sole practitioner with over 24 years of experience in beauty rejuvenation and facial aesthetics. Injections by Megan have a core mission to ensure your natural beauty and confidence are enhanced. For a reasonable aesthetic procedure, Megan is the expert you need. While the results may vary from person to person, one common thing about them is excellence. With the variety of trusted aesthetic services offered by Megan, you are in safe hands, and after every procedure, you leave feeling your best. To begin the process it’s easy. You only need to book an appointment today.


Megan Taplin, RN

I’m Here for You

Megan is a talented and experienced medical aesthetic Nurse  that combines advances in aesthetic technology and her expertise to give you your dream face. Megan strives to provide a variety of services and a one-stop-shop experience that will boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling your best.

BOTOX and Fillers

Megan sets the highest standards utilizing BOTOX and Fillers and aims to exceed our patient’s expectations.  Megan will conduct a thorough consultation and explain your options and suggestions to make sure that you are comfortable with your enhancement plan.

Peace of Mind

Megan believes that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique, but also understands that most people have insecurities that can hold them back in their life. Megan’s purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve.




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