Scupltra in Scottsdale Arizona

Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona

Usually, as we approach our 30s, Forbes Magazine points out that “natural collagen production in our skin majorly slows down” causing an unavoidable aging process effect that involves losing the natural facial volume. Oftentimes, this leads to sunken or hollowed facial features without forgetting the formation of creases and wrinkles. While many treatments available like Dysport and Botox Cosmetic can effectively enhance the appearance of age, Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ is long-term as it rejuvenates the face for up to 2 years, while some individuals enjoy its benefits for up to 5 years. 

In this insightful piece, we will enlighten you on everything you want to know about Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona. How does Sculptra work, and what are its benefits and processes? We will answer it all. So keep reading.

But first,

What is Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ, is an aesthetic treatment and a minimally invasive injectable typically formulated with Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLLA). PLLA is a biocompatible matter that doctors, dermatologists, and Aesthetic Nurse Injectors have used for decades for facial volume restoration. The Forbes Magazine confirms Sculptra’s composition when stating that it “works using penetrating PLLA—Poly L Lactic Acid.”

The Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona, differs from other dermal fillers. Why? It is injected deep within the dermis and works there, stimulating collagen growth. This Sculptra Aesthetic treatment then allows more enduring outcomes when compared to other injectables. The aesthetic results also last up to two years in most cases. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Sculptra last?

Sculptra features multiple applications that range from augmenting the cheeks to smoothing the facial wrinkles. Usually, the outcome of the Sculptra treatment easily lasts up to 2 years. However, the Sculptra treatment’s final results may last up to five years in some individuals. Forbes Magazine states that “Sculptra injections have the added benefit of lasting over two years.”

What does Sculptra do to your face?

The primary purpose of injecting Sculptra into the skin is to diminish the recipient’s facial wrinkles. Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona, contains PLLA that acts as a collagen stimulator, thus helping your facial folds and creases gradually restore fullness. In short, it does more than “fill” your face. The treatment stimulates collagen manufacture that promotes the natural renewal of the skin. The result looks completely realistic, earning you a more youthful and softer appearance. Additionally, Sculptra treatment lasts much longer than many other injectables.

Is Sculptra better than fillers?

Every filler comes with its own specific best applications when it comes to fillers. For example, Juvederm and Restylane work best for particular parts of the volume loss in your face. On the other side, if you are mainly concerned about volume loss in the entire face, the recommendation is to use Sculptra. If you intend to reduce folds or wrinkles around the nasolabial folds for up to 2 years and wouldn’t mind three injections, any experienced Aesthetic Nurse Injector would recommend Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ, as the best option.

How much does a bottle of Sculptra cost?

Usually, the cost depends on the filler amount that a patient needs to produce their desired outcomes when it comes to injectable treatments. In some scenarios, doctors specializing in this field may also recommend more than one appointment to ultimately achieve your facial goals, which adds to the cost. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery pointed out that the average cost of Sculptra per vial/treatment was $923 in 2016, which then reduced to $651 per treatment in 2017. Today, the cost of Sculptra per vial is around $700, while an “average” patient pays approximately $4200 to $7000.

Is Sculptra worth the price?

Looking for a more natural technique to enhance your skin’s appearance and ultimately give you a more realistic outcome? If that’s your primary mission, then Sculptra is worth the price. And it’s essential to note that you could require two to three Sculptra treatments spreading a month apart to achieve the best results.

What age is Sculptra for?

Most patients who qualify to be perfect Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona candidates, are forty years or older. But that doesn’t put the younger group out of the bracket. Why? It is because it may be an excellent age-reversing facial treatment for more youthful individuals who are experiencing volume loss in their faces. Generally, regardless of age, you are likely an ideal Sculptra treatment candidate if you intend to restore volume to hollow parts of your face. You may have developed recessed facial areas due to aging, weight loss, etc.

Can Sculptra go wrong?

Like any other facial treatment technique, Sculptra is also linked to a few side effects. For instance, after undergoing a Sculptra treatment on your face, you may experience skin discoloration, scarring, or nodules. Other common side effects of Sculptra treatment include granulomas and lumps. According to the product label, serious granulomas often appear several months after injection. Sometimes the granulomas may occur more than a year later.

Is Sculptra better than Botox?

So you are stuck between choosing Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ, or Botox. What do you think are the differences between Sculptra and Botox? Here is the thing. In most cases, Botox offers instant outcomes immediately after a single treatment. Conversely, Sculptra takes several weeks of facial treatment to start working. So, it might seem that Botox would then be the preferable solution for your facial volume loss treatments. But that’s not the case.

Where is Sculptra injected in the face?

The common Sculptra treatment areas include the mid-cheek part, the lower face, the temples, jowls, fine lines, and depressions. Your doctor or Aesthetic Nurse Injector can evenly distribute Sculptra in all these regions, or they can perform focused injections in specific target parts.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra?

Generally, a patient that needs significant volumes to attain specific aesthetic goals is considered a good candidate for Sculptra injections. Traditionally, patients who have gone through substantial volume and weight loss, thereby affecting their profiles, have gained the most from Sculptra injections and treatment. In addition, most patients who are good candidates for Sculptra are aged 40 years or older. But it may also be an excellent age-reversing treatment for younger individuals who have undergone facial volume loss.

Which is better Juvederm or Sculptra?

It mainly depends on the intention of the application. For example, if you intend to diminish wrinkles surrounding your nasolabial folds for up to two years without minding three injections, Sculptra appears to be better than Juvederm. Additionally, Sculptra doesn’t simply add volume to a patient’s face. It also encourages collagen production in the body. Collagen promotes the skin’s natural renewal. The doctor injects Sculptra deeper into the dermis than any other filler. However, the patient’s body completely absorbs poly-L-lactic Acid (a synthetic ingredient) over a considerable amount of time.

Is Sculptra the same as Juvederm?

Although the two aim for the same thing, Juvederm and Sculptra are entirely different in how they achieve the desired outcomes. On one side, Aesthetic Nurse Injectors use Juvederm to fill the region under the skin using a gel-like matter to restore volume. And Juvederm doesn’t affect the patient’s natural collagen manufacture. On the other side, Sculptra doesn’t necessarily fill the region under the patient’s skin. Instead, it collaborates with the patient’s body and helps in boosting collagen naturally.

Is Restylane the same as Sculptra?

Restylane is hyaluronic acid-based. It typically generates immediate outcomes that often last about 12 months. On the other side, Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an injectable facial treatment that depends on poly-L-lactic acid microparticles that the patient’s skin absorbs, thus stimulating collagen production. Sculptra’s final results usually last up to two years.

Why is Sculptra so expensive?

Sculptra seems to be the only product with this kind of longevity (up to 2 years and five years in some individuals). So, the overall cost for Sculptra vials may be a little more expensive than a single Juvederm syringe. However, the correction’s longevity makes Sculptra treatment more cost-effective than many other dermal fillers.

Can you use Sculptra under the eyes?

Yes. Sculptra is among the leading solutions to plumping sunken eyes and hollow cheeks. Sculptra injections also enhance skin’s thickness, thus taking aging and thin skin to more youthful-looking and firmer skin. The treatment works with the patient’s collagen and helps it generate more, therefore helping the overall skin condition improve itself.

Is Sculptra more expensive than Juvederm?

Sculptra is available for purchase in vials, where each Sculptra vial sells at approximately $750. Some patients may need more than a single vial per sitting. On the other side, Juvederm is available for purchase in syringes, with every syringe costing around $750. Like in Sculptra, some patients may require more than one syringe of Juvederm, but it also depends on the patient.

Is two vials of Sculptra enough?

Since you don’t want to overwhelm your skin, your doctor, dermatologist, or Aesthetic Nurse Injector will not inject more than two vials of Sculptra into your skin at any given time.

What happens if you don’t massage Sculptra?

According to Sculptra specialists, massaging Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ, immediately after an injection is essential because it helps disperse the treatment particles evenly and smoothly under the patient’s skin. So, here is what happens if you fail to massage Sculptra; the Sculptra particles tend to clump up in a finite region. So, to experience the best Sculptra treatment results, the recommendation is to apply vigorous massaging to help in creating an overall sense of fullness.

Is Sculptra in the butt worth it?

Most people prefer the Brazilian Butt Lift because it is perfect for permanently adding significant projection and volume to the buttock. However, you may not be willing to go under the knife, or you may not have sufficient fat in your body to facilitate such a surgical transfer. Sculptra is the more cost-effective and best treatment for you if that’s the case.

Is hyaluronic Acid the same as Sculptra?

Here is the thing. Both Sculptra and Hyaluronic Acid are injectable fillers. But how these two injectable fillers work is quite different. Hyaluronic Acid works with dermal filler to fill the recessed facial regions, giving almost immediate results. Hyaluronic Acid promotes youthful-looking skin, and Forbes Magazine adds that it “also helps maintain healthy joints.” However, unlike Sculptra, Hyaluronic Acid treatment results don’t usually last long, and you will require further injections regularly.

Is Sculptra suitable for jowls?

Yes. Sculptra treatment is a therapy and member of the dermal fillers category that can lift jowls. If you want to raise your jowls, you can begin by letting your doctor inject Sculptra into the temples and cheeks to rejuvenate your look completely. As human beings age, they tend to lose volume in two primary spots; the cheeks appear droopy and tired, while the temples look hollow. And Sculptra treatment is among the best solutions for volume loss.

Is Botox a Sculptra?

On one side, Botox is an injectable neurotoxin that is ideal for relaxing the patient’s facial muscles causing the lines. On the other side, Sculptra is a popular injectable product that helps in filling in facial lines and hollow parts.

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At Injections By Megan, Megan Taplin, a sole practitioner, Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector takes your beauty as her mission. She offers extensive experience taking care of her clients in their beauty rejuvenation and facial aesthetics using advanced technology. You can now say goodbye to aging as she applies the latest dermal fillers technology to boost your facial appearance with such services.

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So, if you are a man or a woman seeking to enhance your concerns with a durable dermal filler, Aesthetic Nurse Injector Megan Taplin now offers the aesthetic Sculptra in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sculptra is an innovative, anti-aging, aesthetic treatment that improves natural collagen manufacture for noticeably youthful-looking skin. Megan sets the highest standards using this filler while always aiming to exceed her patient’s expectations.

If you are looking for Sculptra in Scottsdale, AZ, you can contact her Scottsdale office and find out more. Megan will carry out a thorough consultation and clarify your suggestions and options to ensure you are comfortable with your improvement plan.


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