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Sculptra Booty Scottsdale | Sculptra Butt

When you walk into a room, you can tell that people’s eyes are on you. But why? Are you noticed for your sensational body, or are you a fleeting image within the crowd? Looking your best is a necessary confidence booster. This is why most people go for surgery, coolsculpting, liposuction, lifts, laser, and other facial treatments to give them the face, body, and skin of their dreams. However, with current scientific treatment developments, you do not have to have surgery for the ultimate facial and body results. Sculptra butt lift treatment gives you the butt of your dreams without pain, recovery, surgery, or baggage.

Sculptra; what is it?

The collagen-stimulating skin filler Sculptra Cosmetic employs poly-L-lactic acid to promote the creation of collagen in the deeper parts of the skin. Different parts of the face, arms, and butt that have lost volume due to age and need a lift are frequently treated with it. Patients can use this dermal filler to address sunken regions, enhance their look, and acquire actual lift results in a natural treatment method without surgery.

While a Sculptra lift treatment gives your body an immediate lift impact, it contrasts with hyaluronic chemical dermal fillers in that the natural-looking effect is caused by the saline in the filler mixture and will wear off after a few days. Even so, you will see a progressive and natural lift development in the weeks after the procedure as naturally enhanced collagen formation occurs.

How butt lift treatments are carried out has been changed with Sculptra Butt Lift. For people who want streamlined skin, a lift, more elevated booty, and fewer dimples, the Sculptra butt lift is a fantastic solution. Injections by Megan is the preferred Scottsdale med spa for this treatment to get the best results!

Sculptra Butt Lift is a unique substance injected directly beneath the skin to tighten and lift the skin and promote collagen formation in your butt. Because dermal collagen stimulant Sculptra is injected instead of fat transplant during a Sculptra Butt Lift, liposuction is not necessary. The benefit of this butt treatment is that no surgery, not even a micro surgical procedure, is required, and as a result, no anesthesia is needed. The effects of the lift are often slow and modest, and no recovery is necessary after the skin treatment.


Pros and cons of this treatment vs surgery in Scottsdale

Before deciding whether or not you would like to go through this butt lift treatment process, you need to know what you stand to gain and the challenges you should expect.

Advantages of Sculptra 

According to D.J. Goldberg, author of Dermal Fillers, Sculptra when compared to several hyaluronic acid-based implants, which typically last between six and eighteen months, Sculptra treatment is more durable, with a lifespan of about two to three years depending on your metabolism, skin type and the type of filler used. This means you can get good value for your skin treatment spending on Sculptra lift and enjoy longer-lasting effects.

With the optimum benefits from Sculptra being obvious four to six months after treatment, it encourages collagen formation in your skin and body to optimize your outcomes over time. It won’t be apparent to other people that you’ve had any Sculptra treatment performed because lift results change so gradually. You do not have to worry about noticeable changes or looking fake as if you just had surgery; Sculptra butt lifts offer realistic and believable solutions.

The recovery period for this non surgical Sculptra lift treatment is short. While other lift procedures or treatments might take months to heal fully and then wear off a few more months after, Sculptra treatment heals quickly and lasts long, so you do not have to relieve the recovery process for a while. You can go back to your daily routine in no time and without worry.

The Sculptra injection treatment procedure is non-invasive, requiring no surgical methods (i.e. surgery). You will not have skin marks, bruises, cuts, or incisions from the treatment. The results of the lift are smooth and clean.

Since this is not surgery, you do not need to lose consciousness during the Sculptra treatment. You will not need any sedative or anesthesia before the procedure since you will not experience pain. The most you might feel is some skin discomfort, but even that wears out rather quickly.

Disadvantages of Sculptra

Sculptra uses several vials to get the desired lift results. This means you should be ready to spend much time consulting your Nurse Injector to iron out all treatment details beforehand.

With the costs and dedication that the Sculptra lift procedure requires, most people would hope to get permanent results. And while this butt lift will last long, the results of this treatment are not permanent. You will need to go for more Sculptra treatment in a few years.

With most medical procedures, you are advised that adverse side effects on your body might emerge. This Sculptra treatment isn’t any different. You might notice skin bruising, growth of nodules under your skin, or asymmetry.

With such altering lift treatment, the risk of addiction is imminent. Especially when you are pleased with the initial lift results, if you are not advised well enough, you might want to keep adding the Sculptra treatment vials and vials to enhance your butt lift, which might lead to dire health issues.

Who would be an excellent candidate for Sculptra skin treatment?

The Sculptra Butt Lift has benefits that almost everyone within appropriate age limits can enjoy.

Sculptra is a fantastic treatment choice for everyone who:

• Desires a more prominent lift and rounder butt

• Prefers a non surgical lift treatment (i.e. no surgery)

• Has insufficient skin fat to be extracted for a lift and transmitted

• Aims for a proportionate appearance to cover up “hip dips.”

• Aims to have the lift increase the skin volume

• Does not want to have implants from surgery

• Seeks a more affordable, safer lift choice that has great results

Preparation before, during, and after the Sculptra treatment in Scottsdale

Every Sculptra treatment comes with restrictions, expectations, and requirements.  Injections by Megan in Scottsdale offers free consultations to see if this treatment will provide the desired results you are looking for.

Before the non surgical procedure in Scottsdale

About two weeks before you go for the Sculptra treatment in Scottsdale, your body needs a few things to ensure it goes smoothly and avoid challenges.

Observe nutritional recommendations

Avoid taking supplements, seafood, omega-3 fats, nuts, seeds, and other substances that enhance bleeding for two weeks before your consultation. Following your treatments will dramatically lessen bruising, bleeding, and edema.

Supplement with arnica before non surgical treatment

It would be best to take Arnica pills a week before getting Sculptra injections to prevent bruising. Bruises fade more quickly with the aid of arnica. Arnica supplements are available at most wellness supplement aisles in your Scottsdale, including Whole Food Markets, Walgreens, or CVS.

Pausing Supplements and Medications prior to Sculptra skin treatment

Speak with your Nurse Injector, provider, or medical expert. You might need to cease taking blood thinners a few days to weeks before your Sculptra lift injectable therapy. Ask your Nurse Injector for advice on whether stopping these drugs is acceptable and when to discontinue and resume the prescription.

Preparation on the day of the Sculptra Skin Treatment

The day of your Sculptra lift treatment might be the most important day for you. It would help if you took precautions for your safety.

Ensure you eat and drink

Patients frequently pass out or have vasovagal episodes when receiving an injection treatment or lift treatment, mainly from a phobia of needles and the lack of water and food within your system. Being hydrated and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels will reduce your likelihood of experiencing nausea while receiving therapy.

Use fewer creams and lotions.

Using as little lotion and skin creams as possible, preferably on and near the places where you plan to have the lift treatments, would be best. If you can, avoid lotions and creams altogether.

Arrive 30 minutes early for your Sculptra appointment to get ready

Before receiving dermal lift treatments, most Nurse Injectors advise using an anesthetic skin cream. It takes the numbing ointment around 20 to 30 minutes to fully take action.

Schedule your upcoming visit with your provider or Nurse Injector

After the first session, Sculptra treatments are frequently repeated 4-6 weeks later. It is essential to plan for this visit ahead of time to avoid confusion or delays whenever you are ready. To avoid being double-booked or having your treatment postponed, ensure you book your following Sculptra lift procedure before you leave the Injections by Megan med spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

Sculptra Butt Lift procedure

While standing, the Nurse Injector will evaluate the skin area to be treated and label it accordingly. Lidocaine might be injected at the entrance locations for the delivery cannula and added to the Sculptra mix to increase skin comfort. The Sculptra will be inserted into the regions of your butt where you’d like to increase the volume and see lift results using a microcannula. Occasionally, a tiny needle might also be used for the procedure.

A fraction of the Sculptra lift injectable will be administered while you are standing, and the other amount will be administered while resting on your belly. After the Nurse Injector has applied all of the Sculptra to the target lift parts, they gently knead the area for a little while.

Care after the Sculptra Butt Lift treatment

The saline water utilized to help hold the Sculptra particles will result in a preliminary increase in skin volume. Your body will gradually dissipate this water throughout the first couple days after the procedure. To ensure that the Sculptra is dispersed uniformly everywhere in the buttocks to assist produce the fullest look, you are advised to gently massage the treated lift region for about five days following lift treatment. Results take time to show, and with more treatments, the contour of the butt will keep improving.


As your Nurse Injector advises, massage the treated butt lift region for five minutes daily for five days following treatment.

A lot of ice

To gently freeze the butt lift region, use broken ice or a sandwich-sized bag of frozen peas but not bulky ice blocks. Do 20 minutes of icing followed by 20 minutes off. If possible, keep ice for 24-48 hours. Never put ice on the body directly, and use slight pressure.

Reduce Exhaustive Exercise

For 48 hours after your treatment, we advise not engaging in vigorous activity to lessen bruising and swelling of the skin. Following butt lift treatment, you can quickly return to your regular activities.

Limit your exposure to UV light and the sun.

It is best to avoid prolonged sun and UV light exposure on your skin after your treatment while any early inflammation and redness are still present. Your Nurse Injector will advise you on using sunscreen and how to limit your exposure to the sun.

Drink pineapple juice and consume pineapples.

Due to their inherent anti-inflammatory characteristics, pineapples can reduce post-injection edema. To reduce the severity of skin bruising after your lift treatment, you can also use arnica or take pills of the substance.

Use Tylenol to Treat Pain.

It is typical to feel some discomfort and sensitivity where the injection was made. Alastair Carruthers, Jean Carruthers, and Elsevier Saunders, authors of Soft Tissue Augmentation, advise you to use Tylenol to help lessen this discomfort following a lift injection. Ibuprofen and Motrin should not be used since they might worsen bruising and edema.

How much does the Sculptra butt lift cost?

Sculptra butt lift is considered the safest injectable filler with substantial treatment results and volume increase at a reasonable price. For this reason, this butt lift treatment continues to gain popularity. Butt lifts using Sculptra are regarded as an optional cosmetic surgical lift process. This implies that you will be responsible for covering the entire cost of the therapy out of your pocket, as your insurance policy won’t cover it.

Two key factors affect how much a Sculptra butt lift will cost. The first factor is the Nurse Injectors’ level of experience. Your safety depends on choosing a qualified, authorized supplier. The cost of the butt lift treatment is likely to increase with your Nurse Injectors’ level of expertise.

Another crucial variable is how much thickness you want to add to your butt. The expense of buying Sculptra by the vial, like other injectable components like Botox, is transferred onto the customer.

According to data from 2018, Sculptra treatment costs around $900 per vial on average. Four vials of Sculptra will be required for a small butt lift. You’ll need more of the injectable if you want to witness more dramatic butt lift benefits. The typical cost of this butt lift treatment is thus between $4,000 and $7,000 depending on the variables. Although Sculptra doesn’t require sedation, some Nurse Injectors might advise using a local anesthetic to make the injections more bearable.

No hospital expenses are involved because this lift treatment may be done in your Nurse Injectors office. Sculptra butt lifts are commonly referred to as lunch break butt lifts because the lift appointments are brief and minimal recovery time is required. It is important to note that this price is subject to change and is just an estimation. It might vary depending on the number of vials needed, the location, the facility, and other essential lift factors.

Sculptra Butt Lift in Scottsdale Conclusion

Sculptra butt lift Scottsdale procedures are available at facilities like Injections by Megan. With her professional experience, you will get the best advice and services to ensure your treatment gives you the best desirable outcome. You can book a consultation on the Injections by Megan website today for an expert opinion from a trained professional.


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