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PRF Hair Restoration Scottsdale | Hair Loss Scottsdale

It is one thing to realize your hair is thinning or you are suffering from some hair loss and another to decide to go bald. While this might happen for various reasons, science has given you an alternative way out. Now you don’t have to keep losing hair or shave it off. You can visit Injections by Megan in Scottsdale to receive a free consultation PRF Hair Restoration to see if this treatment can provide you with your desired results.

PRP and PRF: What Are They?

When taken from a patient’s blood, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) include large amounts of platelets and growth factors that promote tissue healing and the production of new cells. It is made by taking a small part of the blood from your arm and placing it in a sterile tube. The tube is then centrifuged at different velocities depending on whether PRP or PRF is extracted. What’s left is a blood mix that, when injected, can assist in slowing down aging and repair damaged skin by producing new collagen and elastin to attain a lovely, young appearance in both men and women. Additionally proven to be successful in treating hair loss are PRP and PRF.

PRP/PRF enters your skin when utilized in conjunction with microneedling because of the microscopic channels formed by the needles. This treatment sometimes referred to as a Vampire Facial, has been demonstrated to smooth skin, increase skin plumpness, improve skin texture, and decrease pores and acne scars. Additionally, skin care products work better after a PRP / PRF treatment with microneedling.


Difference between a PRP and PRF hair treatment

Because PRP is manually separated, there are still red or white blood cells in the plasma occasionally. PRP is retrieved and placed in a container with an anticoagulant. The PRF becomes more purified since the separation process is automated and lengthier. No ingredients are added when PRF is isolated, leaving it in an entirely unaltered concentration. About ten times more growth factors are present in PRF than in PRP. The regularity of PRF results in a slower release and dispersion of growth factors than PRP, allowing the body to utilize the growth factors more efficiently. PRF’s functional advantages last longer than PRP’s. Because of all the benefits mentioned above, PRF Hair Restoration Scottsdale treatments are often more expensive than PRP treatments. Both are proven to work well for the treatment of hair loss in men and women.

Why is PRF superior to PRP for treating hair loss?

The PRP’s replacement is PRF. Growth factors are present in PRF at higher levels than in PRP microneedling. Leucocytes, fibrin, and stem cells are additional components of PRF serum absent from PRP. The indistinct stem cells in the PRF change literally into the cells required to restore the hair and skin follicles so they can start producing thick, healthy hair shafts once more.

Additionally, the fibrin in PRF serves as a scaffold to maintain growth factors and stem cells in the scalp region being treated, preventing them from diffusing away from the required skin location. As a result, more growth factors can be released for longer.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be triggered by changes in your body and skin including cancer treatments and stress. Medications and serious illnesses can also cause hair loss; alopecia is one famous recent example of a condition that affects both men’s and women’s hair.

The following personal grooming practices, however, might cause hair loss:

• Hair additions, especially when placed improperly

• Style preferences, for instance, over-styling or hairstyles which pull hair too tightly

• Products for hair care that contain certain substances which may result in hair loss in some persons

However, just because you observe hair loss on your body doesn’t always imply you are losing hair. What’s the distinction? To put it simply, it matters how much hair is lost over time. You’re probably suffering hair loss if you see significant clusters of hair, a fading hairline, bald spots, or regions of thinning hair. Otherwise, a little shedding is typical.

Suppose you’re not sure if your hair loss is severe. In photos, compare and evaluate with other men or women or your previous self. Please look at old pictures of you and your hair to see how it has changed. That is typically comforting or revealing.

If you think you might be losing hair, Injections by Megan in Scottsdale will be pleased to meet you for a free treatment consultation to determine if you are and whether PRF hair injections are the best course of action for your desired results.

Using PRF microneedling for hair restoration

Incorporating intense plasma into the scalp is one of three steps in the medical laser procedure known as PRF hair restoration treatments. PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, stimulates collagen synthesis, tissue reformation, and hair restoration by using your body’s stem cells. Because PRF growth factors are made from a patient’s blood, the body responds to the therapy more readily, which speeds up natural tissue repair. The stimulation of the tissue growth causes the hair follicles to continue growing stronger and healthier, enabling them to create thicker hair. The numerous advantages of PRF hair restoration treatment apply to both men and women, including:

• Balding hair or hair loss

• Reduced hairline

• Bald spots

Who can get the PRF Hair Restoration procedure

You are suitable for PRF hair restoration when you notice you are losing your hair. Therefore, the PRF’s progenitor cells, white blood cells, stem cells, and platelets function best when latent hair follicles are stimulated. These hair follicles are still capable of producing new hair and are healthy, but they are extending their time in the inactive state. Because of this, PRF hair restoration is most effective when the patient has gradual hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for this skin and hair condition.

PRF microneedling Scottsdale treatment is effective for both sexes, particularly for individuals with mild to moderate hair loss. It also works for women or men with traction alopecia, a condition where hair thinning from excessive hair pulling prevents new hair from growing. It is also beneficial for those whose hair is thinning but does not want to use pharmaceuticals constantly.

At the same time, a few body issues might disqualify you from qualifying for the treatment. Some of these conditions include;

• Skin tumors

• Cancer of the system

• Chemotherapy

• Steroid treatment

• Disorders of the skin that affect the facial features

• Blood diseases and anomalies of the platelets

• Therapy for anticoagulation like Warfarin

The PRF microneedling hair restoration treatment procedure

Treatments for PRF hair restoration are straightforward, non-invasive laser procedures that may often be completed in about an hour in a welcoming outpatient program.

The Nurse Injector will start by taking a little blood specimen from the patient’s arm and spinning it in a centrifuge. Your blood’s platelets are separated by a centrifuge so that they may collect the fibrin and growth factors to be injected into your scalp. The Nurse Injector may offer local anesthetic before the laser procedure on your scalp to lessen any pain or discomfort you may experience during injections. The fibrin, growth factors, and other nutrients in the PRF will start to rebuild new cells, tissues, and hair follicles once they are injected into the body regions where hair is thinning.

With PRF hair restoration therapy, no break is required, so that you may carry on with your regular daily activities immediately after your microneedling treatment. However, you could suffer a minor skin swelling, which often goes down by itself in a couple of hours. Results usually appear six to twelve weeks later for men and women, when your hair will be healthier, fuller, and denser.

Ahead of Hair Loss Treatment

• The day before your treatment, please boost your body hydration levels by simply consuming two extra glasses of water in the morning and the afternoon, if feasible.

• To prevent dizziness during the day of your PRF Hair Restoration Scottsdale session, ensure that you eat a conventional meal or lunch.

• For at least three days before your treatment, refrain from using aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, or other anti-inflammatory drugs. Since swelling is one of the mechanisms PRF functions, it happens naturally! Any aches, discomforts, or joint pains you may experience can be treated with Tylenol.

What are the possible outcomes during hair restoration treatment?

• Microneedling treatment is delivered by a nurse practitioner in the privacy and convenience of the Scottsdale Injections by Megan med spa.

• There is no need for an anesthetic, although your Nurse Injector may administer topical lidocaine before the laser procedure.

• Depending on the treated region, the treatment might take between 60 and 90 minutes.

• You could feel a little discomfort if combined with micro-needling, but it can be reduced by applying a topical anesthetic.

• There may be slight bruising and skin redness.

• Because PRP/PRF is made from the patient’s blood, side effects are reduced.

After the hair loss treatment

• After the microneedling treatment, you can immediately return to your regular routine.

• If microneedling is used in conjunction with the PRF treatment, it is advised to avoid solar radiation for the first 24 to 48 hours and to forgo wearing cosmetics for at least 24 hours.

• Depending on the complexity of a patient’s PRF treatment and how it was combined with other therapies, your specific post-care needs may change.

• On the day of the laser hair procedure, you are requested to avoid strenuous exercise and use Tylenol and ice to soothe any post-injection discomfort.

• It is not advised to fly the day after receiving hair loss treatment.

When can I expect hair treatment growth?

For a few days following treatment, you could notice some slight redness, inflammation, irritation, and soreness near the treatment areas on your skin and body, but you can continue your normal activities. After three months, the effects of your microneedling procedure will start to show; you could realize that your hair seems thicker and more lustrous. After six to twelve months, the ultimate results will be visible. Every three to six months, maintenance treatments will also be required.

Benefits of the PRF hair restoration Scottsdale treatment

For both men and women who seek to strengthen or repair thinning hair, PRF hair loss therapy has several advantages.

First, PRF microneedling hair restoration is a non-surgical technique, so no cuts, wounds, or scars are left behind. Following the treatment, you won’t need a bandage on your head or be absent from your daily routine to recuperate.

Second, this hair loss therapy has minimal discomfort and no need for general anesthesia. To lessen any pain in this treatment, your provider might use topical numbing lotion and local anesthetic.

Compared to attempting various medications or over-the-counter hair loss therapies, PRF hair restoration can conserve a significant amount of cash and time. For men and women looking for successful hair restoration therapy, traditional hair loss treatments may not necessarily work. PRP hair restoration may be completed in a single quick consultation and is safe and efficient. This therapy is definitely worth the price for people who are tired of spending too much money and time experimenting with alternative hair growth treatments. Other benefits you can look forward to including;

• Tissue regeneration/rejuvenation overall

• Collagen expansion

• Regeneration or restoration of hair

• Removing wrinkles and fine lines

• A broad-based anti-aging/wrinkle impact

• Reduction in pore size or pigmentation

• Decreasing acne scarring

• Reduction of visible scars

• Reducing cellulite

• Decrease stretch marks

• Decrease deep scars

• Regrowth of the hands

Are PRF laser procedures enduring?

This treatment method is all-natural and encourages the creation of thicker, newer hair. However, even after receiving PRF therapy, most Scottsdale patients often lose hundreds of hairs from the body per day. The provider can assist patients in maintaining a healthy quantity of new hair development even when the new hair development is not permanent by performing maintenance treatments.

What dangers exist with hair loss / hair restoration treatment?

For both men and women, there is minimal to no danger because PRF is a completely natural restorative ingredient made from the patient’s blood. Tenderness, swelling, bleeding, bruising, itching, and scabs in the treated region are typical adverse effects. A headache is another issue for some people.

Conclusion:  PRF Hair Restoration Treatment in Scottsdale can get you the hair growth and results you desire

In Scottsdale, one of the most renowned PRF Hair Restoration Scottsdale institutions is Injections by Megan. Visit the website or make a call to book a session with Injections by Megan in Scottsdale today.


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