Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Botox pre and post treatment instructions

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Botox pre and post Treatment Instructions | Botox pre care instructions

Everything You Want To Know About Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions, How It Works, the Benefits, Processes, and Why To Choose Injections by Megan

Botox has become the ultimate cosmetic treatment for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction among many beauty enthusiasts due to its safety. The procedure mainly works by relaxing or paralyzing the muscle around wrinkles, giving you smooth, young-looking facial skin.

According to The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), Botox treatments became the most popular non-invasive facial skincare treatment in 2020, with 4.4 million injections administered.

“The increased demand of Botox injections could be linked to the amount of time individuals spent on Zoom calls and meetings, staring at their reflection during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Smita R. Ramanadham.

“For the first time, we’re seeing ourselves in a different and new light. We’re seeing the stress of the past year on our faces and we want to do something about it.”

About two decades ago, many people started to consider getting Botox in their 40s. But the latest annual report by ASPSP shows that Botox injections among individuals aged between 20 and 30 have seen a 32% increase since 2010.

Before you go for this cosmetic procedure, there are Botox pre and post instructions you should follow to get the best results. And that’s what we’ll be discussing. So keep on reading to learn more!


Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions: Pre-Treatment Instructions

Have you decided that Botox injection is what you need to get smooth and wrinkle-free facial skin? If yes, the most common question you’ll want answers to is “what should I do before and after Botox?” Here’s everything you should know before going for this non-invasive cosmetic procedure:

How Do You Prepare for Botox Injections Appointment?

Getting ready for your first Botox treatment is the first step in achieving the desired results. You may feel overwhelmed or anxious. But knowing how to prepare for a Botox treatment will give you the confidence you need for the procedure. Here’s how to do so:

  • Do thorough research on Botox: Try to understand Botox’s benefits, possible dangers or side effects, how it gets administered, and any other Botox pre and post treatment instructions.
  • Plan your First Botox Injection Appointment Well: Morning hours are the best for scheduling your first appointment. You won’t wait anxiously at the bench, and you’ll finish the procedure early enough.
  • Consult About your Medications: Medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, allergy medicines, blood thinners, and muscle relaxers don’t go well with Botox. If you’re taking any medications, visit a certified aesthetic nurse injector for advice and Botox pre and post treatment instructions in Scottsdale Arizona.
  • Adopt Measures to Limit Bruising: Bruising is among the popular side effects of Botox injections. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol a few days before your appointment. Besides, place an ice pack on your face before and after the treatment to reduce bruising.
  • Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically: Engage in exercises like walking, jogging, running, biking, or other workout forms. Doing so can help enhance blood flow, preparing you psychologically for the injections.
  • Wash Your Face Thoroughly: If you want to get the best results from Botox injections, ensure your face is spotless. So wash your face properly to remove oil or grease off your skin and prevent acne outbreaks after injections.
  • Relax: Do anything you can to calm your anxiety. Meditate, listen to music, or read exciting ways to ease your mind and remove your fears.
  • Get Ready For Recovery: Botox procedures are non-invasive, meaning you may feel some pain and discomfort after the injection. So search for Botox pre and post treatment instructions to keep you informed. In addition, get ice packs ready to help aid recovery and limit bruising.

What Should You Avoid Before Botox appointment?

  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medications for 7-10 days before the procedure as they may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding: Such drugs include aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Nuprin, Celebrex, including high doses of Vitamin E and Fish oil.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks 24 hours before treatment to prevent chances of bleeding and bruising.
  • Avoid bleaching, tweezing, waxing, or using facial hair removal creams on the site(s) to receive injections.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun as it’s difficult to administer the treatment on sunburnt skin.
  • Avoid foods with garlic a week before treatment to lower your chances of bruising.
  • Avoid topical products like Retinols, Retinoid, Glycolic Acid, Renin-A (Tretinoin), or other anti-aging products.

How Many Units of Botox Are in a Syringe?

The answer depends on the type of Botox administered and the severity of the facial muscles receiving the injection. But the average Botox amount administered per injection is 36.8 units. As such, the average Botox dose is 565 units. Total Botox Dose = average Botox units per injection X total number of injections you’ll receive

Is 40 Units of Botox a Lot?

No, 40 units are just closer to the average units of Botox you can receive. In a single session, you may even receive 40-60 units of Botox. But this will depend on your gender, muscle severity, and aesthetic goals.

For instance, men need more Botox units to get similar results as women because they have larger facial muscles. If you have frown facial lines, 15-30 Botox units are enough to ease your muscles.

A woman with forehead lines may need up to 15 units to achieve the desired results. As for a crow’s feet injection site, some patients may require about 30 units to see results. So, 40 units of Botox is a reasonable amount to treat several facial areas.

Can I Have Caffeine Before Botox appointment?

Yes, but it’s advisable to avoid taking caffeine for at least 24-48 hours before your injection because of its possible side effects. For instance, caffeine may cause insomnia, slowing down your recovery.

Other side effects of caffeine include; nervousness, nausea, restlessness, and increased heart rate. Ensure you understand the Botox pre and post treatment instructions well to get the best results.

Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions: Post-Treatment Instructions

To this point, we believe that you know what the Botox procedure is all about and its vital pre-injection tips. It’s now time to understand some of the after Botox treatment instructions.

However, it’s important to look for a certified aesthetic nurse injector or nurse like Megan. Make sure they have the apt skills, experience, and credentials. If you pick one because they offer low cost or convenience, the side effects could worsen.

In an article published by Healthline, Dr. Deanne Mraz Robbinson asks, “If you’re placing a substance that causes mild paralysis into your skin, don’t you want to be in the hands of the most trained professional possible?”

What Are the Instructions for After Botox care?

Try to squint, frown, and raise your eyebrows for the first 1-2 hours after injection. This enables Botox to work into your muscles effectively.

Subsequent facial treatments should come 24 hours after Botox treatment. Besides, you can resume your regular skincare regime a day after. Doing so allows your body to have ample time to get used to the aesthetic treatment.

  • Don’t lie down after a Botox injection to prevent pressure on the injected sites. This will also help avoid rubbing your treated area accidentally and increase bruising risks.
  • Take painkillers cautiously for facial pain or headaches. Avoid powerful painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • Use a smooth and gentle facial cleanser to prevent infections after Botox procedures.
  • Postpone your workout sessions to the following morning after treatment to reduce inflammation risks.
  • Apply makeup after at least 24 hours to prevent swelling, redness, and discomfort.

Dos and Don’ts after Face Botox?


  • Stay out of the sun or other forms of heat for at least 24 hours to avoid bruising.
  • Gently exercise your treated muscles 2 hours after treatment to help Botox work into your facial muscles.
  • Use ice packs to ease facial pain or headaches and reduce bruising.
  • If you intend to go for more Botox treatments, wait for at least two weeks. In the meantime, schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Use a mild and gentle facial cleanser to aid healing.


  • Don’t drink alcohol or coffee as it increases bruising.
  • Don’t touch your face for about 24 hours to reduce bruising risks.
  • Don’t sleep for the first 4 hours. Also, avoid sleeping on the injected spots to reduce physical pressure and allow the Botox to relax into your muscles.
  • Don’t apply other skin treatments for the first 24 hours, as they may compromise your injection’s efficacy.
  • Don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen painkillers, as they can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising.
  • Don’t engage in strenuous exercises for the first 24 hours after treatment to prevent injected areas from itching and swelling.

Can I Drink Coffee after Botox appointment?

It’s advisable to avoid drinking coffee for at least 24 hours after treatment. Caffeine can dilate the blood vessels underneath your skin and eventually compromise your results. Consult a certified aesthetic nurse injector for more information.

When Can I Touch My Face After Botox?

You can touch or massage your face in 1-3 days after Botox treatment. This ensures you don’t spread Botox toxins to other body parts. Doing so also minimizes physical pressure on the injected areas, allowing the Botox to settle into your facial muscles for excellent results.

What to Expect After the First Botox Treatment?

First-time Botox injections take time to act. But it may take about 2-8 days to start noticing some changes. You’ll most likely see results of your Botox injections after 2-3 weeks, though the period varies between individuals. These results include a younger-looking face due to reduced facial lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, the needles used are tiny, meaning you won’t feel troublesome pain or discomfort. You may start seeing small red bumps on the treated areas right after your injection. But don’t worry, as these will go away in 20-30 minutes.

It’s possible to have some minimal bruising, which will resolve after a few days. That’s especially true if you don’t take aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, or caffeine, including un-prescribed over-the-counter supplements, before treatment.

Headaches after Botox treatment are rare, but it’s possible. But you can take Tylenol as prescribed to ease the pain.

Can I Wash My Hair After Botox on Forehead?

The answer is yes. Most Botox pre and post treatment instructions recommend doing so after 6-8 hours post Botox to avoid compromising your treatment results. However, your shampoo must be gentle, free of harsh sulfates, and pH balanced.

When Can I Shower After Botox?

You should wait for at least 6 hours before taking a shower after the treatment. This ensures you get the best results as Botox will have ample time to get deep into your facial muscles. Keep shower water temperatures at a minimum or even cold, and avoid strong cleansing products that may strain your muscles.

How to Wash Your Face After Botox?

While Botox treatments are minimally invasive, they can still make your skin tender. The treatment may also cause minimal pain, discomfort, and swelling. So it’s vital to be gentle on the injected area when washing your face after Botox procedures to avoid any pain.

Here’s how to wash your face after Botox:

  •         Use warm or lukewarm water to prevent skin irritation or shifting
  •         Use cool water to make your skin cool off and relax in case of minor discomfort.
  •         Apply slight pressure on the treated areas while using facial cleansers and moisturizers. This will prevent the risk of swelling or shifting.
  •         Avoid any skincare products that require face rubbing to apply.

What Happens if You Bend Over After Botox?

Bending over after treatment may cause Botox to shift to unplanned facial areas before it settles.  Although the risk is minimal, avoid bending over frequently within 24 hours after treatment, and you’ll be fine. Always follow your aesthetic injector’s Botox pre and post treatment instructions carefully for better results.

Can I also receive Dermal Fillers with my Botox appointment?

Yes, Botox and dermal fillers provide different cosmetic treatments and can be used during the same appointment.  This is quite common in Scottsdale AZ.

Can I use laser treatment with my Botox Treatment?

Botox treatments can be performed at the same time as laser treatments, it’s not recommended. The potential side effects, such as swelling and bruising can potentially damage the tissue or alter your end results.

How Long After Botox Can You Massage?

Wait for about 48 hours to get a facial massage after a Botox injection. Remember, you must be gentle on your face. Getting a massage within the first hours after treatment could compromise your desired results.

How can I prevent bruising after Botox?

Bruising is a common Botox side effect. By following your Botox pre and post treatment instructions carefully, you can prevent this issue. Here are the top tips to avoid bruising after Botox:

  •         Avoid alcohol or caffeine consumption before and after treatment
  •         Avoid supplements or medications with blood-thinning effects
  •         Eat Arnica before and after injection
  •         Use cold or ice packs on affected areas before and after treatment
  •         Avoid strenuous exercises for 2 days after injection

How Common Is Bruising After Botox?

Bruising after a Botox injection is rare, but some people can experience it. Alcohol, caffeine, and blood-thinning medications are the common causes of bruising.

However, it may also be because of the aesthetic injector administering Botox. It usually occurs when the needle pierces a blood vessel, forcing blood to leak underneath the skin, making the surface swell, purple or reddish.

How Long Does Botox Last on Forehead First Time?

Botox injections can last up to 6 months after the first treatment. That’s because Botox toxins require time to block nerve impulses to the facial muscle.

Expect to see some movement back around the third or fourth month. You’ll most likely see maximum results about 7 days to 3 or 4 months after your first treatment.

Why Does Botox Make Forehead Shiny?

The reason could be that you’re receiving a lot of anti-wrinkle Biotin injections that make your forehead skin very smooth. As a result, light easily bounces off it uniformly, making your forehead appear shiny and “frozen.”

What Happens the Day After Botox?

You may experience the following side effects:

  •         Headaches
  •         Neck pain
  •         Flu-like symptoms

In addition, the injection site may appear reddish, swell, or even bruise. You may also have severe indigestion problems. Be sure to call your certified aesthetic nurse injector the moment you realize your eyes are “dropping,” including when you experience:

  •         Blurry vision
  •         Trouble breathing
  •         Difficult swallowing
  •         Trouble talking
  •         Face paralysis
  •         Numbness

Get the Best Botox Pre and Post Treatment Instructions in Scottsdale AZ

Let Aesthetic Nurse Injector Megan help you fight your facial wrinkles and lines by administering the most effective cosmetic injections and Botox pre and post treatment instructions in Scottsdale Arizona. She is one of the best sole practitioners in the region.

Megan is also a Certified Aesthetic Injector. So you can rest knowing you’ll get the best results from your Botox injections. More importantly, she uses the most advanced technology to help minimize bruising and maximize safety. Feel free to book an appointment today to say goodbye to your facial wrinkles and aging!


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