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Botox Cosmetics in Scottsdale AZ | Scottsdale Botox

There’s a myriad of methods to enhance your beauty and uplift your self-confidence, and one of the best available options is with Cosmetic Botox treatments. If you want to reduce the wrinkles, creases and lines on your face, Botox can work wonders. However, Botox doesn’t stop at that. There is a surfeit of other uses, including medical applications. Let’s dive right into everything you need to know about Botox and Fillers in Scottsdale Arizona (AZ).

The Meaning of Botox Cosmetic Treatment

Botulinum Toxin (or Botox in short) is a drug that doctors utilize for medical and cosmetic procedures due to its ability to block nerve signals. Botox cosmetic helps reduce wrinkles and facial creases during cosmetic treatment by relaxing the muscles around the eyes and forehead. The muscle paralysis concept also applies in the medical treatment of neuromuscular or neurological disorders.

How Botox Works

Botox works by deterring the transmission of chemical signals from the nerves to the muscles. Once a muscle receives a Botox injection, it can’t contract. That is particularly crucial in treating facial wrinkles since the injection will cause the relaxation of facial muscles, resulting in the softening of wrinkles, creases and lines. Besides the forehead, Botox also works on crow’s feet and frown lines. However, remember that Botox may not help you out if wrinkles stem from gravity or sun damage.

The Applications of Botox in Scottsdale AZ on your Skin and Facial Wrinkles

To reiterate, Botox is primarily useful in reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles, lines and creases. However, it’s also beneficial in treating other conditions that affect the normal functioning of the body. They include:

Cervical Dystonia

It’s a painful neurological disorder that causes the involuntary contraction of neck and shoulder muscles. These spasms can cause your head to twist into an uncomfortable position.


It’s a condition characterized by excessive sweating under your arms or on your palms during normal hours when it isn’t hot outside or when you aren’t exerting yourself.

Eye twitching

Botox injections also help relieve blepharospasm—the twitching of muscles around the eyes.

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

It’s where eyes point in opposite directions, majorly due to an imbalance in the muscles responsible for the positioning of the eye.

Overactive Bladder

Botox helps relieve urinary inconsistencies caused by an overactive bladder.

Chronic Migraines

If you’re having consistent migraines that affect the quality of your life, Botox might be what you need to relieve the pain.

Botox Cosmetic: The Process

Botox administration is via intramuscular injection (injection into the muscle). Certified Nurse Injectors use a small needle to inject the drug into your skin and the target muscles. It’s possible to experience minor skin discomfort, but the good news is you can always consult with your Nurse Injector to determine your options regarding anesthesia or numbing of our face, so you don’t feel a thing. The procedure takes only a few minutes but takes full effect 7 to 14 days after the procedure.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Botox treatment

Like any medical treatment, Injections by Megan offer some advice regarding what to do and what not to do before and after Botox:

The Dos of Botox

  • Keep your head level for the first 4 hours after the Botox injection.
  • Frown repeatedly for about an hour post-treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, after which you keep facial expressions to the minimum for up to 12 hours.
  • You’re free to apply light make-up following treatment but do it gently using a dabbing motion rather than rubbing or spreading it.

The Don’ts of Botox Treatment

  • Don’t take alcohol at least 1 week before the injection.
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory medication, blood thinners, and aspirin 14 days before the procedure to minimize the chances of bruising and bleeding.
  • Cease taking muscle relaxants, sleeping aids, or allergy medication before treatment.
  • Avoid rubbing the treatment area for a minimum period of 24 hours after the injection to inhibit the spread of Botox to another area.
  • Don’t fly on the same day after a Botox shot, as the cabin pressure in the plane can affect the movement of the toxin to other areas.
  • Avoid exercising after you get a Botox injection.

The Time Factor: How Long A Botox Shot Lasts

The effects of a Botox shot can last for about 3 to 6 months. Over time, you may begin to regain muscle action in the treated area, and consequently, the wrinkles and creases start to return. To maintain the effects of Botox, you need regular follow-up injections.

The Side Effects of Botox Cosmetic Treatment

Botox injections are relatively safe in the hands of a qualified and experienced physician. “Any medication has risks, but the safety record for Botox is actually very robust,” states Hayley Goldbach, a resident physician of dermatology at the University of California-Los Angeles Health. The physician goes ahead to say that tens of millions of patients have received Botox treatment. However, Botox does have some minor side effects and complications you may experience a few days after the treatment. They include;

  • Pain, bruising, and swelling at the injected site
  • A headache that may last for 1 or 2 days after the injection
  • Excessive tearing or eye dryness
  • Cockeyed eyebrows or droopy eyelids
  • Weakness of muscles near the Botox injection site
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • A stomach upset
  • Numbness

On rare occasions, the treatment may lead to severe side effects. You may experience major side effects such as;

  • General muscle weakness
  • Trouble swallowing or speaking
  • Trouble breathing
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Difficulty moving your eyes

Contact your physician immediately you experience these side effects.

Botox Restrictions: Who Can and Cannot Use the Treatment

Who Can Use Botox Treatment?

Generally speaking, anyone can use Botox. Men and women are free to use the treatment, and over time, it has grown in popularity as one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures by men. However, you need to be above 18 years to be eligible for the treatment.

Who Can’t Use Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

Doctors generally recommend against Botox treatment for pregnant or breastfeeding women. That’s because of the lack of clarity on Botox’s effects on the unborn child and nursing child. If you’re allergic to cow milk protein or have a neurologic disorder, you should not use the treatment.

Health Insurance and Botox Cosmetic

Health insurance does not cover Botox treatment when you use it for cosmetic purposes. However, it does cover medical Botox treatment. You should call your insurance coverage provider and whether your current coverage can cover the procedure you want for Botox and fillers in Scottsdale.


FAQ’s About Botox

What is a good price for Botox per unit?

The price of Cosmetic Botox varies based on the treatment of facial skin, lines and wrinkles, and your desired results. However, the average cost of a unit of Scottsdale Botox is between $10 -$20, whereby it would cost you around $150 to $300 for 15 units of Botox if it’s the amount you need for a single treatment.

Is 300 units of Botox a lot?

No, 300 units of cosmetic Botox isn’t a lot especially if you want good results. In fact, it’s lower than the United States FDA recommended amount, which approved a maximum dose of 400 units of Botox (Botulinum toxin A) per treatment. However, you shouldn’t exceed 300 units of Botox per facial treatment on your skin, wrinkles, and lines.

How long does Botox last?

Generally, cosmetic Botox lasts for around 3-4 months. However, the time may vary for every person who gets the facial treatment. It may last longer, up to 6 months, or shorter for only 2 months for some patients. That depends on the number of times you have received the cosmetic treatment and the extent of your facial lines and wrinkles that are being treated.

Is 67 too old for Botox?

No. There’s no upper age limit for anyone who wants to get Botox treatment. You can revamp your look even at 67.

What’s better Botox or Xeomin?

Both Botox and Xeomin help smoothen the skin by reducing wrinkles and creases. However, some studies have shown that Xeomin is superior in effectiveness with a much quicker onset of action and longer effectiveness than Botox.

How much does 1 syringe of Botox cost?

A vial of Botox equals 100 units/10ML. Based on the average price of $10-20 of Botox Scottsdale per unit, a vial will cost between $1,000 – $2,000.

How much is 100 units of Botox?

The average cost of a single unit of Botox is around $10 to $20. For 100 units of Botox, the cost is between $1000 and $2000.

What can 20 units of Botox do?

Twenty units of Botox are the recommended number of units by Botox manufacturer Allergan. The manufacturer suggests a dosage of 4 units for the 5 forehead sites (totaling 20 units). 20 units are also within the average recommended limit by most dermatologists to treat wrinkles on the forehead alone.

How much does 3 areas of Botox cost?

Botox injections are mostly administered in 3 areas of your face. The forehead can take 24 to 32 units of Botox, at $10 per unit, will cost you between $240 and $320. The crow’s feet and the Glabella can take up to 20 units of Botox each.  At $10 per unit, it can cost you approximately $200 for each. The amount of Botox for a single treatment is unique to everyone; hence the prices may vary.

What can I use instead of Botox?

Other cosmetic injections you can use in place of Botox include fillers, Xeomin, Dysport, MYOBLOC, and Jeuveau. They have the same effect on facial wrinkles and creases, but they differ in how long the wrinkle reduction lasts.

Is 40 too late for Botox?

No, 40 isn’t late for Botox treatment. The treatment doesn’t have an upper age limit as any person above 18 years can get it. 40 is ideal for you to have the treatment as wrinkles and creases on the face are much more pronounced, making it the perfect time to reduce them and enhance your youthful look.

What is the downside of Botox?

As effective as it reduces facial wrinkles and its application in the medical treatment of conditions such as hyperhidrosis, Botox comes with minor side effects such as headaches, swelling, and bruising. The treatment may also cause major issues like breathing problems, upper respiratory tract infection, vision problems, and muscle weakness.

Is 50 too late for Botox?

No. Even at 50, you can still enjoy the benefits of Botox and enhance your facial features. As long as you’re over 18, you’re good for Botox.

What is the new Botox called?

The new Botox is called Jeuveau or Newtox. It’s the new Botulinum toxin type A injection used in the cosmetic treatment of creases and wrinkles. The injection has the same active ingredients as the original Botox injections. However, it’s much more effective, works quicker, and has a longer-lasting effect.

Which is cheaper Botox or XEOMIN?

Xeomin is much cheaper compared to Botox. Xeomin treatment will cost you around $425, while Botox treatment costs about $550 per treatment. The prices may vary per clinic and the number of injections needed.

Does anything last longer than Botox?

Yes. Juvederm and Xeomin tend to work quicker and have a longer-lasting effect than Botox cosmetic treatments, keeping your face from developing wrinkles and creases for longer after injection.

Is filler Better than Botox?

When it comes to Botox Cosmetic Treatment and Fillers Scottsdale, Filler is just as effective as Botox. However, its results last much longer. The duration of the effect of the filler varies with type. Some last as long as Botox, while others can last much longer, in some cases more than 12 months. Remember that while the results may last longer, you will have to pay more for filler.

What are 3 areas of Botox?

The 3 main areas of Botox include the Glabella (small space between the eyebrows), the forehead, and crow’s feet (the fine lines and wrinkles that develop at the outer corner of the eyes). Each of these areas requires a specific Botox injection pattern.

Is 35 too late for Botox?

No. 35 is an ideal age to start Botox treatment since you may probably start seeing wrinkles on your face in your 30s. Starting Botox treatment at this age will stop any crow’s feet or brow line wrinkles from setting deep.

How much is Botox per treatment?

This cosmetic in Scottsdale treatment will cost you roughly between $325 and $600 for Botox . The cost will depend on the amount used per treatment, the amount and depth of facial lines, wrinkles and creases and your desired results.

Why Choose Injections by Megan as your preferred Injector in Phoenix / Scottsdale?

For the best outcome of Botox and Fillers in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ, Injections by Megan is the place for you. Megan is a highly talented and experienced expert in performing Botox and fillers. At Injections by Megan, we specialize in Botox, Dysport, and dermal filler cosmetic procedures. We set the highest standards for Botox and Fillers Scottsdale to give you a youthful look and enhance your beauty. Botox works! Echoing Samantha’s words from Sex and the City, “I don’t really believe in marriage. Now Botox, on the other hand, that works every time.”

Before any treatment, we will conduct a thorough consultation to settle on the best treatment for you and give you peace of mind. If you’re a resident of Phoenix Arizona or Scottsdale Arizona and would like to learn more about Botox and filler, you can visit InjectionsbyMegan or call us.


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