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Botox Brow Lift Scottsdale | Forehead Lift

Botox is known for its wrinkle-minimizing effects, the ability to plump up the skin, and thereby giving the client a more youthful facial appearance. Botox is a quick and simple solution for rejuvenation, skin care and an alternative to more invasive surgical augmentation procedures. Many women and men around the world, and in Phoenix and Scottsdale, have turned to Botox to help turn back the hands of time and have a non surgical rejuvenation treatment. This article focuses on what a brow lift is and how its a great alternative to surgery.

Botox Brow lift Scottsdale is able to open up the eye area and gives clients a more awake facial appearance. This brow lift treatment is performed on the facial frown lines between the client’s brows. In addition, with the use of Botox Cosmetic (botulinum toxin type A), the brow lift augmentation will lift the brow arch and thereby creating a more beautiful brow arch. In this brow lift procedure article, we will be discussing the Botox brow lift, its advantages, and clearing up any misconceptions about this non surgical procedure.


How much of a brow lift can you get with Botox?

One of the first tell-tale signs of aging happens around the eye area. Creases in the forehead, sagging eyebrows, and frown lines on your face can make a client’s appearance look aged far more than any other types of wrinkles or creases on the face. The alternative to a Botox brow lifts or forehead lift procedure is tradition brow lift augmentation facial plastic surgery which can leave a client with both risk and downtime.

The Botox brow lift procedure works by relaxing the underlying muscles on your face and creating a more smooth appearance on the surface of the skin. It may also alleviate the facial appearance of the hooded-eyelid. Keep in mind that the results may differ from patient to patient based on the forehead lift, their personal skin care, facial features, skin, wrinkles and age. This is due to the fact that muscle mass and anatomy may vary from client to client. Administering Botox is a skill and Nurse Injectors may each have their own augmentation procedures for delivering Botox brow lifts and achieving the desired brow lift results. For example, take crows feet, some Nurse Injectors may administer one row on your face while another Nurse Injector may administer two rows to maximize the look of the skin.

To obtain the desired brow lift skin results, as some patients may desire more of a brow lift while others may only need a subtle brow lifts, the Nurse Injector may decide on the amount of rows to deliver. Keep in mind that Botox works by relaxing the muscle that pulls down the area. But generally speaking, anywhere from 25 to 40 units should give a fairly good lift and youthful facial results.

Can Botox give you a brow lift in Scottsdale AZ?

Botox itself may not give the patient a brow lift in the sense that brow lifting augmentation surgery will. As is the case with a surgical brow lift that lifts the skin to give a more youthful facial appearance, Botox brow lift can be used strategically to achieve the same skin and facial results but these results will only be temporary (without surgery). As mentioned before, a skilled Nurse Injector is able to give the appearance of a surgical brow lift with the use of Botox.

How long does Botox brow lifts procedure last?

When this procedure is performed by a skilled Nurse Injector, the rejuvenation that a patient should see results within a few days of the brow lift procedure and these results should last a few months. What is important to remember about this point is that the results with differ from patient to patient. In addition, the skill of the Nurse Injector delivering the Botox will have a fairly big effect on the results. That is why it is always pertinent to have this procedure performed by a qualified Nurse Injector in Scottsdale who has the necessary experience with these procedures when it comes to achieving the desired results. The average time frame for facial results are around four to six months. Again, this will differ from patient to patient.

Can Botox forehead lift hooded eyelids?

No. Unlike the brow lift surgical procedure (i.e. brow lift rhinoplasty) that removes excess facial skin in order to give a more youthful skin appearance, Botox may do the exact opposite. However, if the facial cosmetic Botox is delivered and the desired brow lift is achieved through the correct placement of the Botox, the patient may see a slight lift in the eyelids. Though this brow lift will differ from patient to patient and Botox should not be used for the sole purpose of lifting hooded eyelids as there are alternative augmentation and rejuvenation procedures that will yield dramatically better results.

What is a non surgical brow lift procedure?

There are many alternatives to brow lift surgery. Surgery is more invasive and may require the use of anesthesia. Non surgical brow lifts are also known as non surgical blepharoplasty, or brow lift rhinoplasty, may come in various forms such as injections, including Botox and dermal fillers. Other temporary augmentation treatments include laser rejuvenation treatments, radio frequency treatments, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The skin augmentation treatment chosen by the patient will depend largely on factors such as age, facial features, skin care, forehead lift and desired results. Dermal fillers plump up the skin. This type of facial procedure has no down-time and results are temporary which means that patients will need additional skin treatments in the future to maintain results. Botox works in a similar fashion and my also requires additional skin treatments to maintain results.

Keep in mind that there are still risks and after effects associated with these types of Botox brow lift rejuvenation procedures which include:

  • Bruising of the skin
  • Skin Infection near procedure site
  • Facial Rash
  • Nerve injuries
  • Itching on skin near injection site
  • Facial Swelling
  • Scarring on facial injection site area
  • Hyper skin pigmentation
  • Breathing or eating difficulties

Where do they inject Botox for brow lift Scottsdale?

Injections will be delivered to the glabellar region on your face. This is the facial area between the eyebrows. Approximately 20 units of Botox brow lift will be delivered to this area (this is not a surgery). In addition, the Nurse Injector will deliver injections to the orbicularis oculi muscle which is located in the eyelid. The process relaxes the facial muscles underneath which gives a smoother skin appearance and lifts the brows to their original position.

Will my Botox rejuvent even out?

You should notice results from your brow lift in three to seven days. Following lift procedure brow treatment, the patient should have a heavy sensation and experience tightness in the facial area treated for about one to two weeks. A Botox brow lift (which is a non surgical brow lift) may appear uneven initially and that is because the Botox will take effect at different rates. This will even out on your face and skin as the Botox takes effect.

Is a brow lift the same as Botox in Scottsdale AZ?

A brow lift may give similar results as Botox but the two are vastly different approaches to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Brow lift surgery involves down time as well as this forehead lift surgery is focused on removing excess skin while Botox on the other hand works through the aid of skin injections. Patients experience no downtime with Botox (as this is a non surgical procedure). In addition, Botox is much faster and takes much less time to perform. Generally speaking, and depending on the amount of injections that the patient receives, Botox treatments can be performed in under 20 minutes.

What’s better facial plastic surgery, Botox or Dysport?

Facial plastic surgery in a major surgery rejuvenation procedure that typically performed by a plastic surgeon. There could be a lot of downtime and care needed form this type of rejuvenation surgery.

Both Botox and Dysport are injections that help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport is much more diluted than Botox. It also spreads much faster than Botox. Both of these treatments are considered to be safe and effective at treating fine lines and wrinkles, including brow lifts and a forehead lift. The effects of Dysport may be apparent much sooner than Botox but Botox will last much longer than Dysport. Botox is considered to be a more potent cosmetic formula than Dysport and works great on smaller facial areas while Dysport may be more successful on larger areas on your face.

Where should you not inject Botox? What are the brow lift risks?

While Botox is a great non surgical alternative to relieve the appearance of wrinkles there are certain areas where Botox should not be used and will not be effective. Brow lift risks are in the neck muscles, in inner part of the nose area, as well as in the hands or on the feet.

It is important to note that a certified Nurse Injector is trained in the facial area and muscles and knows exactly where to deliver Botox injections and which areas to avoid. It is therefore important for those who seek out this treatment for the first time to consult with a certified and experienced Nurse Injector.

Botox is most effective in the upper part of the face. However, Botox on the lower areas of the face may require more attention, precision, and caution.

Can Botox fix a lazy eye?

Botox has been known to be effective in treating a lazy eye as well as preventing lazy eye from developing. As mentioned before, keep in mind, that Botox skin treatments are temporary and follow-up treatments may be required in order to maintain the desired facial results.

Botox results may also differ from patient to patient when it comes to treating lazy eye and the results are not permanent. Treatments will be required every four months to maintain the results.

In fact, Botox used to be used for children with lazy eye. This was done long before Botox was used to treat other aging ailments. However, there are other surgical procedures that can correct a lazy eye and have long lasting or permanent results.

Can Botox lift jowls?

Aging results in skin loosing its elasticity and giving the appearance of aged skin. Aging leads to sagging skin around the jawline, neck, and lower face. Botox injections may help to even out the skin and help the muscle underneath to relax and provide a youthful reduction in this area. This in turn gives the skin a lift and alters the appearance of the patient giving a more youthful appearance. The lift will be subtle but still noticeable on your face. Botox tightens and will lift the jaw area effectively, safely, and quickly.

Can Botox lift heavy eyelids?

Botox is one of the most successful non surgery treatments on the market today for lifting and treating heavy eyelids and brow on your face. This will depend on the skill of the Nurse Injector who administers the Botox injections. Skillfully and strategically placed injections may dramatically lift the brow and change the appearance of heavy eyelids.

Why are my eyebrows arched after Botox?

After Botox forehead lift treatment it is common for the treated area to feel tight, itchy, swollen, and slightly painful. Botox, as previously mentioned, works by relaxing the muscle underneath. This will lift the eyebrows and provide an enhanced youthful look on your face. This should subside within two to 14 days and results of the Botox delivered should be visible. This is common and should not be a cause for concern. If the brow arch does not naturally go back into place after the two week period it is best to revisit the doctor who will administer Botox to the upper part of the brow which should push the brow back into place.

Will Spock eyebrows go away?

Spock eyebrows, alternatively known as Mephisto, are eyebrows that are unnaturally turned up. This is an unwanted effect of Botox. But this should not be a cause for concern. Simply allow the botulinum toxin to take full effect. This means that the Botox has kicked in and the results are now fully visible. If, however, the Spock eyebrows remain after the two week period, you may need to revisit the doctor to correct the problem.

How long do Botox injections last in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona?

This is possibly one of the most important questions that patients wonder about before getting Botox. Botox results may last for three to four months but this will largely depend on a variety of factors such as age, affected area, and skill of the doctor administering the Botox injections. As a reminder, Botox treatments are not surgery.

Does crows Botox lift eyebrows?

Yes. It may yield rejuvenation results depending on the amount of Botox that has been administered and where the Botox is administered. The corrugator and procerus muscles are relaxed and the central part of the forehead muscles to relax. This in turn will give the forehead and eye brows a much smoother and lifted appearance.

How do you get a brow lift in Scottsdale?

A surgical brow lift is achieved by making an incision across the scalp. The appearance of wrinkles are diminished or eliminated by removing certain muscle and releasing certain facial tissue. The results, as is the case with any surgical treatment for aging, do not have permanent results. However, a properly performed brow lift should last for about 10 to 12 years.


We all want a more youthful facial appearance and most of us don’t want to go through a facelift surgery. Consulting with the right Nurse Injector in Scottsdale who has the experience and expertise to deliver the results that you want is crucial when making the decision to get Botox treatments. This is especially true in the case of patients who are new to this type of rejuvenation treatment.

BOTOX Brow lift offers patients an alterative to facelift augmentation surgery.  The brow lift alternative is a great procedure that will yield beautiful results. Megan is a trained Nurse Injector professional with years of experience in brow lift and will take her time to screen you for the right treatment. After the initial consultation, Megan helps patients to learn more about facial rejuvenation and to achieve the results that they desire from their brow lift Scottsdale.


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