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Botox and Fillers Near Me | Botox Filler Scottsdale AZ

What is Botox, and how does it work?

Nurse Injectors have used Botox for years to address wrinkles and folds on the face. The bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces a toxin known as Botox, sold under the brand name. Dysport and Xeomin are two other brands. By default, you’ve heard of “Botox,” the first injectable form of the botulinum toxin. Injections by Megan in Scottsdale provides premium Botox injections and Dermal Filler Injections for patients in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Ask about our new client discount and free facial consultation.

How Is Botox Used on your skin?

The most frequent use of Botox is to reduce wrinkles on the face. However, additional ailments may benefit from a Botox injection, such as:

  • Severe perspiration beneath the arms (hyperhidrosis)
  • Chronic neck and shoulder muscular spasms are caused by a condition known as cerebellar dystonia.
  • Eyes that you can not control blinking (blepharospasm)
  • Divergently oriented pairs of eyes (strabismus)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Bladder insufficiency

How Does Botox Work?

Botox prevents nerves from sending messages to muscles; hence, the injected muscle cannot move. Wrinkles are then smoothed out as a result of this. Forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines are the most common areas treated with Botox. Wrinkles produced by UV exposure or gravity can’t be treated with Botox.

How Is a Botox Procedure Done? Is it different than facial plastic surgery?

Botox injections are quick and painless. Patients will not need an anesthetic. Botox is injected into targeted muscles using a tiny needle that causes very little pain. It usually takes 7 to 14 days for the effects to fully manifest. Alcohol should be avoided for at least one week before the therapy. Patients should stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs two weeks before treatment to prevent bruising.  To avoid spreading the Botox to another region, massaging the injection area is discouraged for 24 hours. The Nurse Injector may also advise you to remain upright for 4 hours after the doses and avoid exercising daily. Facial plastic surgery is a much different and more evasive procedure that could require extended timeframes for recovery.

How Long Do Botox Treatments Last?

Botox’s effects will last 3 to 6 months. Muscle function gradually returns after the period, and lines and wrinkles emerge and must be treated again. Because the muscles atrophy with time, the lines and wrinkles will generally look less severe.

What Are the Botox Side Effects?

Botox is viewed as safe and effective, though, following a Botox injection, a patient may experience some transient adverse effects. Some examples are:

  • Bruising: This is the most common adverse effect, and it will pass quickly.
  • Headaches: These are uncommon and usually last 24 to 48 hours.
  • Drooping eyelids: Only a tiny fraction of individuals experience this, generally passing within three weeks. It usually happens when Botox moves around, so it’s best not to rub the treated areas.
  • Drooling or a crooked grin.
  • Dry eyes or excessive crying.
  • Mild discomfort or edema at the injection area.
  • Symptoms of the flu or a general sensation of malaise
  • stomach ache
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness in the area

Who should avoid Botox injections?

Botox should not be used by anybody pregnant, lactating, or having a neurological illness. Consult a doctor beforehand since Botox does not work for all wrinkles.

Will health insurance cover Botox?

When used for aesthetic reasons, Botox is not covered by insurance. For further information, contact your health insurance provider.

What is the price of skin Botox in Scottsdale Arizona?

Injections by Megan in Scottsdale Arizona offers great Botox specials starting at $9 per unit. Depending on your facial structure, skin type, and extent of wrinkles, lines, and creases will affect how many units you may need.  The average women’s Botox treatment uses anywhere from 15 to 60 units.  The average Botox treatment for Men is typically 40 to 90 units since men have larger facial muscles. Injections by Megan in Scottsdale serves clients in Phoenix, Scottsdale and most of Arizona. 


Fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Dermal fillers soften wrinkles and restore volume to the face. The doctor injects these substances just under the skin. Dermal fillers are used to improve facial features and restore a youthful look. This particular procedure takes around 30 minutes and requires no recuperation time. In most cases, results are seen immediately and last for months to years.

Dermal fillers come in many forms. Therefore, the doctor must explain the available options. Infection, bleeding, and bruising are dangers associated with any cosmetic procedure. Selective cosmetic treatments like filler injections are rarely covered by insurance.

Why are dermal fillers used?

Aging causes the body to lose collagen. Collagen is found in your skin, muscles, bones, and connective tissues. Low collagen levels cause the skin to become thin, lose elasticity, and sag. This is called laxity.

  • One may choose to get dermal fillers to:
  • Fill in sagging skin.
  • Make your face symmetrical.
  • Boost lips and cheeks.
  • Face wrinkles and creases smoothed.

Some HIV/AIDS drugs might induce facial thinning. Some patients obtain dermal fillers to restore facial volume after taking these drugs.

How common are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are very popular. Every year, about 3 million Americans choose dermal fillers, increasing online searches for Botox and Fillers near me. There are qualified and certified practitioners ready for the therapy.

What are the types of dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers come in numerous types. Healthcare practitioners may use patients ‘ fat instead of “off-the-shelf” fillers composed of synthetic (man-made) materials and natural ingredients. Autologous fat grafting is a treatment where doctors take fat from one part of your body and inject it into the face. Off-the-shelf filters include:

  • Hyaluronic acid is a skin acid. It hydrates and volumizes your skin. The body ceases generating hyaluronic acid with aging. HA injections typically last 6–12 months. Restylane® is a popular Hyaluronic acid filler.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) is a form of filler found in bones. These fillers usually last a year. CaHA fillers are mainly used for deeper wrinkles. Radiesse® is an example of a CaHA filler.
  • Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) aids in the body’s collagen production. Poly-L-lactic acid is often used to treat deep facial creases. The effects might continue for up to two years.
  • Poly-L-lactic acid fillers include Sculptra®.
  • PMMA fillers contain collagen and tiny balls that remain beneath your skin after your doctor’s injection. The balls plump and firm your skin. Bellafill® is a PMMA filler.

The doctor will go through the many dermal fillers and recommend one. Patients should ask the doctor about establishing realistic objectives and the outcomes of injections.

What are the risks of dermal fillers?

Dermal filler risks are uncommon, and some are minor. The risks associated with this cosmetic therapy may include:

  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • Bruising, discomfort, and swelling
  • Skin damage that leaves scars
  • Infection that may cause necrosis (death of the affected skin).
  • Skin lumps or bumps
  • Acne-like pimples
  • Itching rashes
  • How long do dermal fillers take to recover?
  • Recovery time varies and may be influenced by the following:
  • How many areas does the practitioner treat?
  • Filler type used.
  • Patient’s overall health

Most individuals may resume normal activities immediately after dermal filler injections. The doctor may advise taking a day or two off from strenuous exercise.


Botox and fillers can make you feel more confident about your looks if administered by a qualified and skilled therapist. For Botox and Fillers near me in Phoenix or Scottsdale, call (602) 793-0370 or Find out more. Megan Taplin, RN, is a fully qualified aesthetic injector with the best services in Botox and Fillers near me, Scottsdale, Arizona. She understands how important it is for you to have a positive self-image, and she is eager to work with you to help you achieve that goal.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Botox and fillers last?

Depending on the patient’s genetics and lifestyle and the kind of Botox filler used, the results may last anywhere from six months to two years. It is possible to go longer with frequent touch-ups and treatment.

Are Botox and fillers worth it?

Botox is beneficial in the short and long term. In addition to smoothing wrinkles and slowing the aging process. Botox may improve the appearance of wrinkles quickly and prevent them from worsening in the long run. Fillers are a great way to get rid of wrinkles and scars and change the shape of the nose, lips, and jaw.

How much is a syringe of Botox?

Botox usually costs between $10 and $15 per unit, but the price can vary based on the clinic and doctor.

Which is better, Botox or fillers? 

Dermal fillers are equally as effective as Botox. More significantly, the outcomes are more durable. However, the duration of the benefits of dermal fillers varies greatly depending on the kind of filler used. Some fillers may last as long as Botox, while others can last for more than a year. When the fillers’ effects wear off, you’ll need more procedures to maintain the results.

What’s worse, Botox or fillers? 

While Botox relaxes muscles, fillers give volume to regions of the face. The efficacy of these therapies relies on the patient’s objective. Botox, for example, may be administered before the appearance of deep wrinkles.

What happens when filler wears off?

A reduction in facial volume is typical when a large amount of weight is lost. Dermal fillers are a safe and natural way to restore lost facial volume.

Which is better Juvederm or Botox? 

Although both treatments are effective, Juvéderm is faster and lasts longer. Botox takes a few days to take effect, and the effects last for many months. No matter what treatment you choose, you will need to go back for more sessions to maintain the results.

What’s better, Botox or Xeomin? 

Having been around for a long time makes Botox a well-known brand. This implies that Botox is the most popular injectable for patients. When it comes to decreasing wrinkles in places such as the eyebrows, forehead, and around your eyes, Xeomin is equally as effective.

Does your face go back to normal after fillers?

Although fillers may cause your skin to stretch, it is elastic enough to return to their pre-treatment shape.

What does 20 units of Botox get you?

According to the guidelines, it takes 20 units for the lines to be located just above the brows and between the eyes. It also takes 20 units of Botox to treat the lines farther up the forehead, which we refer to as forehead lines.

How many units of Botox are in one syringe?

Each syringe contains 100 units of Botox.

How much does one syringe of Juvederm cost? 

Restylane® and Juvéderm® products typically range in price between $500 and $600 per syringe. The cost of thicker variants may be somewhat higher. For instance, Juvéderm® Ultra Plus for more severe problems might cost $500-$700.

How much does Botox cost for the forehead?

Botox is priced by unit. Each unit typically costs between $10 and $15. If you get up to 20 units in your forehead, the treatment of horizontal forehead lines might cost between $200 and $300.

Do fillers age you?

Fillers may offer patients a more youthful look. Fillers might also cause long-term damage if administered wrongly or excessively. People who misuse fillers may hasten the aging process.

What is the safest filler for the face? 

The FDA has approved just one dermal filler that is non-absorbable by the body. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) beads are suspended in a bovine (cow) collagen solution. PMMA beads are tiny, round, smooth plastic beads.

What are the newest facial fillers? 

RESTYLANE® KYSSE is a lip filler based on hyaluronic acid.

BONTE Botox® is a short-term, fast-acting injectable.

DAXI is an extended botulinum toxin.

JUVÉDERM® VOLITE is a skin-conditioning therapy that is based on hyaluronic acid.

QUOTE is a revolutionary treatment for cellulite that is given through injections. It was made in the United States.

TEOSYAL® RHA 1 is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based filler.

Which is better Juvederm or Restylane?

Compared to outcomes, both Restylane and Juvederm are thought to create smooth results because of hyaluronic acid’s volumizing properties. However, Juvederm often lasts longer and produces effects more quickly.

Do fillers damage your face? 

Fillers are safe if done by a qualified practitioner. However, excessive usage of fillers may cause long-term harm, such as lip wrinkles and disruption of the connection between the face fat pads, and some irregularity and skin aging.

What is a pillow face? 

The puffy, unattractive result of too much facial filler or fat transfer is known as “pillow face.” This overstuffed look is also known as “chipmunk.”

What happens when you stop getting facial fillers?

You can pause and resume the treatment at any time without risk. After many years of repeated injections, the primary effect of quitting Botox is that your wrinkles will emerge, but more slowly than if you had not taken Botox. You will still look young for that medical period.

What’s better than Botox for wrinkles?

Both Dysport and Botox are effective for moderate to severe wrinkles and fine lines. Dysport works better on larger areas since it is more diluted, while Botox works effectively on smaller areas. Dysport works faster than Botox. Compared to Botox, patients report seeing improvements in as little as 24 hours.

Can you have filler in your forehead? 

Fillers are a less invasive way to improve the look of your forehead than facelifts.

Which filler lasts the longest?

Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane have the best available longevity and durability.


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